CS Money Guide – How to Simply Sell Your CS:GO Skins?

On CS Money you can simply earn money by selling and trading your CS:GO inventory. On this page you can find a quick tutorial how to use CS Money.

What is CS Money?

Beside the Steam marketplace many other trading platforms are available to buy and sell Steam inventory like CS:GO skins and stickers. Each item in CS:GO has a value that can be numbered with a real-world money price. This price is the foundation for a marketplace price. On the Steam marketplace players have to pay a high commission for each trade and on CS Money this commission is lower to guarantee a better price.

How to Simply Sell your Steam CS:GO Inventory:

If you are not interested in trading as a hobby or as a strategy, an awesome option is also to simply sell everything you have and to get real money for it. The most people who even never traded but played CS:GO for a long time and sell their steam inventory often get 10-50 $/€ for their inventory. This money can be spend on new steam games or other stuff you would like to buy. 😉

CS Money
Sell your CS:GO Inventory now

To sell your CS:GO inventory you just need 1 minute, it’s a simple signup on CS Money. The website is well known and safe to use.

Step by Step Guide to Sell your Steam Inventory on CS Money:

  • Click on the button and on the CS Money website login with your Steam account. Steam may ask for a email verification.
    steam sign in
  • Afterwards simply enter your steam trade link, this can be found if you click on the button on the right. Now you are able to view your intenvory and choose all of the stuff you would like to sell.
    Steam Trade Offer Link
  • Click on all skins that you want to sell and click on “trade”. That’s it, you successfully made money by selling CS:GO items. 🙂

    On the image you can see, that I would get $92.60 instantly for my inventory – and that is just my smurf accout. 🙂
    Sell CSGO Skins

Sell your CS:GO Inventory

Frequently asked Questions about CS Money:


  • What is the Commission Fee on CS Money?

    The comission fee on CS Money is switchting between 5 and 7%. You can reduce the fee by advertising the site in your Steam name by adding “cs.money” to it.

  • Is CS Money free to use?

    CS Money is absolutely free to use, you can sign up with your Steam account and won’t have to pay for anything.

  • Is it Safe to Trade, Sell and Buy on CS Money?

    CS Money grew up to a big site with a huge userbase, the site is safe to use and trustworthy.

  • Is it possible to cash out on CS Money?

    It’s not possible to cash out, but you can buy other skins and in-game items that you like.

View CS Money & Sell Your Skins

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