DPI Calculator for All Games Works For CS:GO, LoL, Fortnite etc.

The DPI Calculator defines the mouse settings. Simply input your current DPI and Sensitivity and the new DPI to get the output of the new Sensitivity. Like that you can change the DPI but the settings will stay consistent.

What is the Formular to calculate the DPI and Sensitivity?
(Current DPI x Current Sensitivity) / New DPI = New Sensitivity

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How to calculate the True Sensitivity of the Mouse?

To get the true sensisitivity without Windows settings you can use the DPI calculator on top – to calculate it with windows mouse settings you can make the math on your own with this step by step guide.

  • Windows mouse sensitivityTo calculate the true sensitivity find out the following values: Your mouse sensitivity, your old mouse DPI and your new mouse DPI. If you have a Windows computer open the Windows mouse settings.

    Click on the tab cursor sensitivity and count the notches. The maximum is 11 and most people use something in the middle.

    Here is a table, which translates each Windows cursor level into the sensitivity:

    Windows Settings:Sensitivity:
  • Now calculate the new Sensitivitiy for your Mouse:
    What is the Formular to calculate the DPI and Sensitivity with Windows Mouse Settings on?
    (Current DPI x Windows Mouse Settings x Current Sensitivity) / New DPI = New SensitivityFor example with 400 DPI and Windows Mouse Settings 7/11 (1.5 Sensitivity) and an ingame-sensitivity of 2.25 the math would be: 400 x 1.5 x 2.25 = 1350 divide this by your new DPI for example you have 800 DPI: 1350/800 = 1.6875 is Your new Sensitivity. 🙂
  • That’s it! The new DPI you are using, can have the same settings by using the calculated sensitivity, try it out!
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What is DPI?

Mouse DPI on MousepadDPI stands for “dots per inch” and it directly affects the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI is also called CPI, which stands for “counts per inch”. DPI means that if you move the mouse with your hand, that the system will measure the amount of DPI as single points on one inch.

If the DPI is 400, then 400 points on one inch on your mousepad will be tracked, the sensitivity is 400 points for the area of one inch on the mousepad. The higher the DPI the more sensitive it is. Depending on the settings, a higher DPI leads to a higher distance of the mouse on the screen, with a smaller distance on the mousepad.

What is Mouse Sensitivity?

The mouse sensitivity is a setting that is adjusted directly in games like CS:GO and defines how sensitive your mouse will be when moving it. It comes on top of the default settings you for your mouse in Windows. Online Games like CS:GO allow great control with powerful commands and adjustments through the developer console.
The mouse sensitivity settings can be different for different devices, a sensitivity value of “2” will work differently for a 1600 and an 800 DPI mouse.

To define your mouse and sensitivity settings through console commands in CS:GO checkout this guide.

What are the Best Mouse Sensititvity and DPI Settings?

The best Mouse Sensitivity and DPI settings are those that fit well to your gaming device. I recommend to use the following mouse settings, but it’s important to change them based on the mouse you have.

Best Mouse Settings:

Windows Sensitivity:6/11
DPIMin 400 Max 800
CS:GO SensitivityMin 1 Max 4
Mouse AccelerationOff
Raw Input:1
Mousepad:Buy one it’s worth

In our pro section you can find top gaming tools that pro players are using in CS:GO to download the settings. For example I am using a Razer Deathadder and I use the same settings as CS:GO pros who are playing with the same mouse.
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How to calculate the DPI and Sensitivity for League of Legends and Fortnite?

To calculate the mouse DPI and sensitivity for games like League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, or Dota 2 it works the same as for CS:GO. Simply input your current mouse settings into the DPI calculator on top and get out the new sensitivity that you can use to play with the perfect mouse settings. 🙂