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Tips to improve the CS GO skill
Welcome ladiieeees and gentlemeeen! 😀
This is a useful post for all of you who want to increase the skill in CS GO & for people who want to talk about this.
The tips and tricks are my personal experience plus tips that I gathered from pro tips! If you want to become a better player these tips will definitely help you.
Some things are easy (or you do them already) and some may be new to you. These tips will make you to a better player without changing your aiming or your skill – with just the basics you can increase a lot!

1. CS GO E-Sports

CS GO Tournaments, Events & The Pro Scene

The CS GO E-Sport scene is amazing. The request and demand for CS GO coverage, streams and pro tournaments is very high.
The funny thing is that the playerbase of Counterstrike Global Offensive is comparatively small if you put it in a row with Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite and so on.
…BUT the pro tournaments of CS GO can keep up with the big names! An advantage of CS GO compared to other online multiplayer games these days is, that it is freakin easy to understand. There is nothing fancy about CS GO, it is all about the skill and the reactions! Everyobdy can understand what the purpose of a headshot or flickshot is, good shots are easy to recognize for anyone! This makes it easy to give people who are beginners or no CS GO gamers at all, a good experience and watch a CS GO event.

CS GO Prize Money

The prize money since 2012 for CS GO has been about 62 Million US dollars.
About 10k players won this money in about 3500 tournaments. In 2018 CS GO teams had to compete for about 20 Million dollars in CS GO tournaments!
This is an extreme amount of prize money, this makes the CS GO events even more exciting! This means CS GO has a higher prize pool than League of Legends or Fortnite! Only Dota 2 has a higher prize pool trough the big tournaments. The teams Fnatic and Astralis won the most money in the CS GO history.

2. How to improve the CS GO Skill?

etting better in CS GO is a decision. crown
A decision that you have to make: The most players think they already try to get better, but do they? Cmon! 😀

Why should I focus on getting a higher skill?

  • In CS GO there are two player types:
    1. The funny guy who just wants to have fun. (do these guys really exist?)
    Which one are you?
  • CS GO is all about the skill, if you want to be part of the game, stand up for your skill and don’t hide it. A higher skill feels better though.
  • If you play CS GO at all, beeing good, and beeing better than your friends is a big deal. 😉
    Friends will look up to you if you have a high rank.
  • The higher ranks allow more fun and more tactics, in lower tiers there are many trolls and cheaters. ^(

CS GO Pro Skill Guide – What you can do:

  • To get better, use custom CS GO configs and adjust the game to your personal needs.
  • Analyse your gamestyle and check where you are weak, and what you already do good.
  • For the weak things read CS GO guides and try to improve.
  • In the CS GO Elo article I wrote about what you can do to increase the rank faster.

3. CS GO Pro Tips: Don’t make these mistakes:

CS GO is not only about things you have to do, but also things that you can avoid! crown

Things to avoid as a good CS GO player:

  • Don’t reload instantly after you made a kill, this a noob attitude, always check if there are more enemies and move to a safe spot.
  • Never peek somewhere with the forward key, moving back needs ages and is predictable! Only peek with side strafing (important CS GO Pro tip).
  • Don’t buy a kevlar helmet if you don’t need it:
    It is only necessary against strong rifles like M4/AK-47 or AWPs.
  • Don’t aim onto leg height, always aim on to the head. This is a simple but one of the most important rules to uprank. dia
    In addition to that you have to know how long the weapon reloards (every weapon has a different reload time) – it is a bad idea to peek before you finished reloading.
  • Don’t be toxic, flaming teammates will not win anything. Calm down, breath it in & try to get the most out of the situation. Often games can turnaround!
  • Don’t rush in with the bomb man. 😀 Drop it before you go in – this is easy!
  • Running with a grenade is not as fast as running with a knife (minus 15 movement speed).
  • Don’t crossfire too long if the enemy is not dead: If the enemy is already alive after 10 bullets you will probably not kill him with more bullets. Switch the weapon or wait for the recoil timing and shoot precise again.
  • If you have a lot of money don’t make an eco round. Every domination counts and can win you the whole match!
  • Don’t block the AWP guy, try to not stand next to someone who peeks, you could eventually die too.
  • CS GO Pro tip: Stop holding shift if the enemy has seen you already. Only use it if the enemy does not know where you are.
  • Don’t play ranked matches if you are tired, unmotivated or in a rush to leave the house soon. This will ruin all of your efforts quickly…
  • If you hear the bomb plant sound, never peek instantly, always wait for 2-3 seconds, then peek. Many good players make one or more fake plants and cover the entrance then.
  • If you lose the pistol round, don’t make an eco round: You have to make a full save in the third round anyway if you lose and your chances increase a lot if you buy a kevlar, shotgun or grenades now.

4. CS GO Pro Tips & Tricks:

CS GO Pro Tips:

  • Individual Skill: Beside all of the tips for good teamplay, having a nice individual CS GO skill is really valuable. Even if you aiming is just awesome: Your daily performance is different, you will have easy days and bad days or moments.
    Because of that it is clever to not fully rely on the aiming. The key elements to have a higher skill are the positioning, your reactions and your crosshair placement. It is important to think and know a lot in CS GO. You have to feel the game and know when you can move and when not. Always decide: what is the best thing you can do now to win the round, the best thing to help the team the most. It does not help to have many kills, beside prestige and coolness, in the end it is just important to win rounds.

  • If you are in a gunfight, be flexible and not predictable, never press shift to aim better it makes you slow and easy to kill.
  • Warmup your muscles before you play, join some casual servers and try to play serious. Sometimes I even do pushups before games to release my power and to be on fire as a self confident cool guy, who trains the body aswell as CS GO! 😀
  • Use a great crosshair config and also adjust your CS GO HUD.
  • A single grenade can win the entire round, especially tactical smokes can win a lot of time, remember this and use the grenades wisely.
  • Be an overseer: This means you have to be someone who quietly fullfills the empty roles. An overseer can identify problems inside a team quickly and helps out. If someone is not smoking an important area, do it, if someone buys troll weapons, try to go safe.
  • Use the CS GO money as best as you can. Always have a lot of cash and drop good weapons for your mates. Many players are wastign a lot of cash, read our CS GO Economy Guide to be aware of all numbers.
  • Prefire common spots and corners at headshot height, do this at the right time, try to learn the timings how long someone needs to move to another spot and just try it, you will get a better feeling for it. Prefire can hold enemies back and win time.
  • You can also fake a bomb plant and then prefire at common spots, this gives easy and skilled kills.
  • Counter flashes are very effective to be prepared against rushes. If the enemies flash you to run in just flash again and do the best out of the situation.
  • Clear common spots with molotov grenades, it can push enemies out and then you are able to kill them running out of the fire Molotov grenades are also awesome for a quick rotation, it can stop the enemy team and keeps them away for about 10 seconds, this makes it easier to rotate with the full team.
  • Learn the bomb spots by heart, NEVER just plant the bomb and then realize like a beginner that it is hard to defend, you have to know the different bomb spots and where you can defend them and from where you can make easy strafe shots to defend it.
  • Flash for your teammates, use the voice chat and tell them that you flash now, like that you can push them in and initiate a tactical move!
  • It is ok if an enemy is better with the AWP with you. It is just bad if you don’t accept that and you try again. If hes good, just change the positions and to some mindgames, be smart, dodge the 1:1 and let hime run into your arms. Also accept if your teammates are better with the AWP.
  • Use youtube as a ressource to learn common weapon recoil patterns and how to throw grenades.
  • And here is another CS GO pro tip to reach global elite: Always be optimistic, you can comeback at anytime! Always keep the spirit up and lead your teammates to the victory even in bad times!
  • Watch CS GO pro matches sometimes and have a look on to their behaviour and movement. This is the correct area to search for a personal ideal and things to copy.
  • If you are frustrated don’t rush into the next game, make a break and recover, go to gym or cook something. 😉
  • In every single round, try to stay alive as long as possible, as a CT time wins and also as a T you are more valuable if you stay alive.

That’s it
What do you think? What is important to get to a very high skill in CS GO?

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