CS:GO Rank Silver Elite

CSGO Rank Silver Elite

How many Players in CS:GO are Ranked as Silver Elite?


6.4% of all Players are Silver Elite. About 32% of all players got a silver rank.

What are the Characteristics of a Silver Elite Player?

  • The aiming and the game sense are both limited.
  • Silvers are often new to the game.
  • Don’t focus on becoming a better player.
  • Just play for fun.
  • Often can’t get better.

How can a Silver Elite Player get better in CS:GO?

  • Train a lot with your favorite weapons.
  • Improve your aiming, play aim maps.
  • Understand tactical gameplay.
  • Just play more matchmaking 5vs5 to get better.

How good is Silver Elite compared to the Average CS:GO Rank?

The CS:GO rank Silver Elite is in the lower third of all ranks, but the second best silver rank.
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  • CSGO Rank Silver 1
  • CSGO Rank Silver 2
  • CSGO Rank Silver 3
  • CSGO Rank Silver 4
  • CSGO Rank Silver Elite
  • CSGO Rank Silver Elite Master
  • CSGO Rank Gold Nova 1
  • CSGO Rank Gold Nova 2
  • CSGO Rank Gold Nova 3
  • CSGO Rank Gold Nova 4
  • CSGO Rank Master Guardian 1
  • CSGO Rank Master Guardian 2
  • CSGO Rank Master Guardian Elite
  • CSGO Rank Distinguished Master Guardian
  • CSGO Rank Legendary Eagle
  • CSGO Rank Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • CSGO Rank Global Elite
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