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CS:GO Rank Supreme Master First Class

Supreme Master First Class

How many Players in CS:GO are Ranked as Supreme Master First Class?


2.6% of all Players are Supreme Master First Class. About 9% of all players got a LE, LEM or Supreme rank.

What are the Characteristics of a Supreme Master First Class Player?

  • Outstanding aiming skills at a constant level.
  • Perfect tactical understanding.
  • First tries of using mindgames.
  • Perfect usage of tactical grenades.

How can a Supreme Master First Class get better in CS:GO?

  • Try to improve your concentration even more.
  • Focus on your personal improvement, find your strengthens and weaknesses.
  • Do any effort to reach Global for the first time.

How good is Supreme Master First Class compared to the Average CS:GO Rank?

The CS:GO rank Supreme Master First Class is the second best rank of all players.
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  • Supreme Master First Class
  • CSGO Rank Global Elite
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