Best Ak-47 Skins for CS:GO Top 10 Skins and Weapon Guide

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Where can I Buy AK-47 Skins for CS:GO?

On this page, you can find a list of the best Ak-47 skins. To buy AK-47 skins for CS:GO go on skinport, sign up with steam and simply buy the skin that you like. In our top on top you can find the best Ak-47 skins for CS:GO. To buy one of these, click on the image and you will be redirected to the buying screen.

Ak-47 Skins Under 10 Dollars:

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Ak-47 CSGO Skins under 10 dollars

Ak-47 Skins Under 5 Dollars:

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Ak-47 Skins under 5 Dollars

Ak-47 Weapon Guide:

Ak-47 Guide CSGO
The Ak-47 is together with the M4-A1 the most famous gun in Counterstrike. Here is a quick guide for the Ak-47. In CS:GO the Ak-47 is a terrorist side weapon with strong burst damage a single bullet can eliminate the opponent with a headshot even if they have a helmet. It’s one of the strongest weapons in the game and it’s essential as a player that wants to climb the CS:GO rank ladder to learn controlling the Ak-47.

CS GO AK-47 Statistics

Magazine Capacity:30/90
Reload Time:1.3s
Movement Speed:215

AK-47 Spray and Recoil

The Ak-47 is strong but hard to control: The recoil pattern of this weapon is crazy and breaks out fast. It’s really hard to control it as a new player but with the time you will get better and better. On the images you can see the exact Ak-47 recoil and spray pattern.
On the right image you can see what the bullets do if you just hit the target, they move up fast and then move to the right and then to the left. You won’t hit anything while staying with the crosshair on the enemy. On the left image you can see what you need to do, to hit the bullets in the same area: Swing down with a right curve move to the left and then to the right and back to the left. This needs a lot of time to learn and should be tested on aim maps like “Recoil Master” or “Spray Training”.
Ak-47 Recoil AnimationAk-47 Spray Pattern

AK-47 Guide, Tips & Tricks

  • A basic rule is of course to not move while shooting.
  • You can hold shift while firing to shoot precisely.
  • It’s an important goal to bring down the enemy with the first three bullets. The 3 bullet burst is a common technique for a medium range attack, that kills an opponent instantly.
  • Check out the spray pattern of the Ak-47 and try it again and again until you master it.
  • Strafe fire like a pro: Use single shots to take out peeking enemies with placed pre-fired shots.

CS GO AK-47 Wallpaper