CS:GO Map Callout List All Map Area Name Phrases

What are CS:GO Map Callouts?

Map Callouts are verbal descriptions that have been specified for a fixed area on a CS:GO map. By using global names all over the world, CS:GO players get connected and can simply give information to others, even when they play with others for the first time. These word phrases define map areas very precisely and offer to communicate well. For example, on de_dust2 the map is split into b, a-long, a-short, and mid, but if an enemy is on the box in the middle, the callout name is “XBOX”. Like that everyone exactly knows the position of the enemy player.

Giving such precise information is key to win in Counterstrike Global Offensive, and also key to get a higher rank in CS:GO matchmaking.

How to learn CS:GO Maps?

To get better on CS:GO maps it is important to know the map very well and therefore it’s essential to know all map callouts. Click on the images above and check out the word phrase for each map callout.
To get good on maps in CS:GO, the timing frames are crucial: As a t or ct player it’s key to know at what time an enemy could possibly reach an area. To get better at this, train your favorite maps and stick to them. Your map pool should be small, train 2-3 maps and play them very often in ranked matchmaking mode to get better.