CS:GO Danger Zone Ranks List of all Ranking Icons

Lab Rat 1
Lab Rat 1
Lab Rat 2
Lab Rat II
Sprinting Hare 1
Sprinting Hare I
Sprinting Hare 2
Sprinting Hare II
Wild Scout 1
Wild Scout I
Wild Scout 2
Wild Scout II
Wild Scout Elite
Wild Scout Elite
Hunter Fox 1
Hunter Fox I
Hunter Fox 2
Hunter Fox II
Hunter Fox 3
Hunter Fox III
Hunter Fox Elite
Hunter Fox Elite
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf
Ember Wolf
Ember Wolf
Wildfire Wolf
Wildfire Wolf
The Howling Alpha
The Howling Alpha

Here you can find the CS:GO Matchmaking Ranks

What are the Danger Zone Ranks?

In CS:GO Danger Zone there are 15 skill ranks in total, here is a complete list of all ranks:

  • Lab Rat 1Lab Rat I
  • Lab Rat 2Lab Rat II
  • Sprinting Hare 1Sprinting Hare I
  • Sprinting Hare 2Sprinting Hare II
  • Wild Scout 1Wild Scout I
  • Wild Scout 2Wild Scout II
  • Wild Scout EliteWild Scout Elite
  • Hunter Fox 1Hunter Fox I
  • Hunter Fox 2Hunter Fox II
  • Hunter Fox 3Hunter Fox III
  • Hunter Fox EliteHunter Fox Elite
  • Timber WolfTimber Wolf
  • Ember WolfEmber Wolf
  • Wildfire WolfWildfire Wolf
  • The Howling AlphaThe Howling Alpha

What is CS:GO Danger Zone?

CSGO Danger Zone ScreenshotDanger Zone is a battle royale game mode in Counterstrike Global Offensive, in which up to 18 players are matched onto a map and the last man or last team standing wins. This is the same battle royale game mode like in Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends. The map is divided into single areas and the zone is getting smaller and smaller over time to force all players into one final battle area. If players do not go to the zone and stay inside the borders, they get instant damage over time and will die fast.

How does the Danger
Zone Ranking System works?

The CS:GO game mode Danger Zone is not as polished as other modes like the competitive matchmaking or the wingman mode. Danger Zone is based on fun and adds some variety to the game.

The CS:GO Danger Zone matchmaking system works like this: Every player gets one of the 15 Danger Zone ranks which represents how good the player is to win Danger Zone games. It does not show anything else or got any effect to the queue system or matchmaking. Danger Zone games mix random players and also friends with completely different ranks can queue/party together. While silver players can’t play with a LEM player in CS:GO matchmaking, this skill difference is allowed in Danger Zone. The mode is based on having fun and the ranks in the ranking system just represent the performance of taking home the win.
CSGO Danger Zone Ranks List

How do get a Rank in CS:GO Danger Zone?

To get a CS:GO Danger Zone rank you need to win 3 matches. Then the Danger Zone ranking system will give you a rank. Based on your ongoing performance the Danger Zone rank will change over time.