CS GO Stickers Complete List of All Colors + Special Stickers

CS:GO CS20 Capsule Stickers:

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CS:GO Yellow Stickers:

CS:GO Orange Stickers:

CS:GO Red Stickers:

CS:GO Purple Stickers:

CS:GO Blue Stickers:

CS:GO Green Stickers:

CS:GO White/Black Stickers:

CS:GO Grey/Silver Stickers:

CS:GO Unique Stickers:

CS:GO Stickers with Color Combinations:

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What are CS:GO Stickers?

CS:GO Stickers are ingame items, that can be collected and used to place it onto weapon skins. The maximum that can be applied to one single weapon is 4 Stickers. Only the G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver can have 5 Stickers. The Stickers have a different rarity, quality and visual appereance.

If you use a Sticker on to a weapon, the item gets removed from your inventory and the Sticker will be permanently on the weapon:CS GO Weapon with 4 Sticker If the weapon gets traded, the sticker will stay on the weapon. The Sticker can increase or decrease the weapon skin value!

To the CS:GO Stickers belong pro team logos, event logos but also funny random images. You also have the possibility to create your own CS:GO Stickers, but they have to be voted into the game.

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How to get Stickers in CS:GO?

Here are the opions you have, to get Stickers in CS:GO:

  • The easiest way to get Stickers in CS:GO is, to open a Sticker Capsule if you have one.
  • Sticker Capsules can drop after a CS:GO match (regular and community Stickers):
    CS GO Sticker Capsule Drop You can also buy them on the Steam marketplace or on CS:GO trading sites. Moreover you need a Capsule key to open them.
  • Simply trade Stickers with other players on the Steam market or buy them on trading sites like Skinbay, on this site you can find all stickers and of course skins.
  • Buy Stickers ingame from the store (with a special coupon from your inventory).
  • You can get souvenir Stickers on souvenir weapons, that can’t be removed from them.
  • Tournament CS:GO stickers can ne purchased in the shop without a capsule key.

How to put a Sticker on a Weapon in CS:GO?

Go into your CS:GO inventory and choose the Sticker or the weapon and click on it. Now use that Sticker to put it onto the weapon: You will have 4 options to place the sticker, choose one and the Sticker will be permanently attached to the weapon.

What is the Rarity of CS:GO Stickers?

The Stickers have different levels of rarity:

BlueHigh grade
GoldSouvenir Foil

CS:GO Sticker Quality:

CS:GO Stickers have no quality level like skins. The Sticker will have the look of the quality of the weapon.

Can CS:GO Stickers Degrade/Downgrade?

Stickers in CS:GO don’t get downgraded after time. But what you can do is to change the CS GO Sticker appearance to scraped so that it looks vintage. Don’t use the scrape function too often, at some point the sticker will be removed – you will be warned if it is the last scrape! 😉

Do stickers add Value to Weapons in CS GO?

In general, Stickers often decrease the value of a CS:GO weapon skin, but if the Sticker is rare it can increase the value. The skin will not really be devalued, because you can scratch away the Sticker anyway at any time. Stickers can have an individual value to people – and also the demand for specific Stickers can change over time.

What are the CS:GO Sticker Styles?

Here are the CS:GO Sticker styles listed. The most Stickers have the normal style, but you can also collect Holo or Foil Sticker variants.

Sticker Style:Description:
Standard glossy stickersThe normal standart CS GO Sticker which is shiny with no backing. Can be scraped off.
Paper-backed glossy stickersSame as the glossy Sticker but with a solid backing, before it is finnaly scraped of the backing will appear.
Holographic stickers (Holo rarity)This sticker has extra texture layers for a better holographic look, with a holographic reflection.
Color-replace pattern graphics or graffiti tagsYou can choose one out of four colors.
Embossed foil or metal leaf stickers (Foil rarity)Metallic foil outline or gold outline.

What types of CS:GO Stickers are available?

The two available Stickers in CS:GO are tournament and regular ones:

  • Tournament Stickers: Team logo stickers, pro player signatures or autograph Stickers.
  • Regular Stickers: Any non-tournament Stickers are called regular.

What is the Most Expensive Sticker in CS:GO?

Most Expensive CS GO Sticker Titan Katowice 2014Expensive CS GO Sticker IBuyPower Katowice 2014The most expensive CS:GO stickers in the world are the Titan Holo Katowice 2014 sticker for $6,630 and the IBUYPOWER Holo Katowice 2014 sticker for $5,585.

Why do CS:GO Stickers get so expensive?

The CS:GO Stickers are based on supply and demand, for example, the Titan Katowice 2014 had a very low supply and a high demand, which led to the high price in the end.

Info: The price can change over time.

Create your own CS:GO Stickers in the Workshop:

You can create your own Stickers for CS GO too. If you want to create a CS:GO Sticker, upload your artwork and the Steam community will vote. Valve will choose the best Stickers (that fit to CS GO and are legal/self-created) and upload them directly into Counterstrike. You can read guides on how to create an awesome CS:GO Sticker and just be creative!

That’s it, please tell me if any Sticker is missing. 🙂

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3 years ago

I got a few additions for you:
1. The most expensive Stickers are iBuypower Holo Kato 14 and Titan Holo Kato 14
2. There are a few new Stickers from new Collections like Cs20 or the Ranks

3 years ago
Reply to  Kevin

Thats nice to see I think i will look what stickers are missing and tell you again in detail.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kevin

How much is the Mirage (Gold) sticker worth?