CS:GO Pro Settings and Crosshair from flamie:

CSGO Pro Player Flamie


Team Natus Vincere Egor “flamie” Vasilyev is a professional CS:GO player from Russia. He was born in 1997 and is currently playing for Team Natus Vincere as a rifler.

Which CS:GO Pro Settings and
Crosshair is flamie using?

Raw Input:1
Mouse Hz:1000
Zoom Sensitivity:1.00

Windows Sensitivity:6
Mouse Acceleration:0
Aspect Ratio:4:3
Scaling Mode:stretched
Monitor Hz:240


Crosshair Flamiecl_crosshairalpha 250; cl_crosshaircolor 4; cl_crosshairdot 1; cl_crosshairgap -3; cl_crosshairsize 1; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairusealpha 1; cl_crosshairthickness 0; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1; cl_crosshaircolor_b 144; cl_crosshaircolor_g 195; cl_crosshaircolor_r 27;


viewmodel_fov 65; viewmodel_offset_x 2; viewmodel_offset_y 1.5; viewmodel_offset_z -1; viewmodel_presetpos 0; cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt 1.5; cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt 0.75; viewmodel_recoil 1; cl_righthand 1;


cl_bob_lower_amt 5; cl_bobamt_lat 0.1; cl_bobamt_vert 0.1; cl_bobcycle 0.98;
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