How to Rename the Bomb in CS:GO? (C4 GUIDE)

On this page you can find a CS:GO tutorial how to rename the bomb inside the game. Did you know you can rename the bomb in Counterstrike Global Offensive?
It is an official thing from Valve, so you get no problems by doing this.
Here is a quick tutorial how to rename the C4! 😉

Step by Step Guide to Rename the Bomb in CS:GO

  • Check your CS GO inventory and find the bomb (Uncheck the box “hide default items” to see the bomb). Let this open.
  • Now browse the Counterstrike installation folder and find a file called:
    items_game.txt inside the folder “Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts\items”.
    Copy this file to save a backup and now start editing the original file with a text editor.
  • CSGO C4 Bomb Rename TagClick CRTL+F to search for the text “weapon_c4” and there is a row called “item_slot” “C4” rename “C4” now to “melee” and save it. Well done!
  • Now go into CS GO and visit the bomb in you inventory, rightclick it and choose “rename”.
    Important to know: It will cost you the price of a nametag. (Maybe you need to purchase one). Chooe a funny cool name now!

  • After you have done this, rightclick the renamed bomb in your inventory and equip it. Go to your inventory again and see the bomb rightclick it and click “T Replace C4 Explosive”.
  • Now close CS GO. Open the file “items_game.txt” again and rename “melee” back to “C4”.
  • That’s it! 😀 Now join a game and plant a bomb to see the magic happen!!!

What are the Requirements to Rename the Bomb in CS:GO?

To do this you need to be at least Steam level 10 and you need a name tag.
If you do the change and can’t see it ingame, sometimes it helps to clear the CS GO game cache if the renaming does not work, for this rightclick CS GO in Steam, choose properties and click verify game cache. After some time the cache will be deleted.

What is it for to Rename the Bomb?

Well, this is just for fun! This does not give you more winning chances to reach a higher CS:GO rank, but for players who spend a lot of time playing CS:GO, adjusting the game is fun.

It’s also great for players that stream on Twitch or make videos for youtube: In your videos you can show that your bomb is special, and no one knows how you did that!

Is it still working to Rename the CS:GO Bomb?

It is still working, but unfortunately Steam has set this option to personal, maybe because of verbal abuse. That means, if you do the change, you will only see it yourself, if someone else is watching you ingame while playing, your bomb options will not be applied.

What is the CS:GO Bomb Code?

The default code of the CS:GO bomb is 7355608 which means something:
CS GO Bomb Code
The code logic for the number “7355608” is “Kappa”.
If you want to change the name you have the option to place up to 7 letters, but not more.

How long does the Bomb take to Explode in CS:GO?

Bomb Spot CS GOThe bomb inside CS:GO takes exactly 40 seconds to explode.
Once it is placed the timer starts and then the Counter-Terrorists team has the chance to defuse the bomb in these 40 seconds.

How long does it take to Defuse a Bomb in CS:GO?

The duration to defuse a bomb in CS:GO takes 10 seconds without a Defuse-Kit and 5 seconds with a Defuse-Kit.

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