How to Calculate Steam Market Fees for CS:GO Items?

On this page you can find a simple explanation how the Steam Marketplace fees work and how to calculate them.

How to calculate the Steam Market Fees?

To calculate the Steam market fees, count the Steam fee of 5%, the specific game fee of about 10%, and the Steam cut of 0.01 cent together and subtract if from the full price. Subtracting these 3 values will give you the exact price. To calculate percentages correctly, don’t just subtract the percentages, divide the percentages as a number. Example: For a 15% fee, divide the price by 1.15 minus the Steam cut: Price/Fee – 0.01 = Exact Price.

This is the exact answer in short, for more details read my explanation below. 🙂

How is the Steam Tax calculated?

Steam Marketplace CS:GO ItemsThe Steam tax is caluclated with a standart percentage calculation, based on three values:

  • A Steam fee of 5%.
  • A specific game fee (For CS:GO or Dota 2 this is 10%).
  • A Steam cut, that they take for their own. This is 0.01 cent.

On the Steam market, you can buy and sell a lot of different items and skins, and it’s all about the trending price. By adding the 3 values together, we would get a percentage of 15% and 0.01 cent extra.
If you now had a price of 100$ and remove 15%, you would think you would get $85, but that is not the case.

The correct math for the Steam Tax calculation is:
Price/Percentage - 0.01 = Exact Price

In the example with $100 and 15% that would be:
$100/1.15 = $86.97 - 0.01 = $86.96

Have fun trading Steam items, you now know how to calculate Steam fees and the tax correctly.

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1 year ago

For everyone who wants to have the precise fee. This formula is just an estimation and sometimes you will miss the price by up to 2 cents.