How to Open the CS:GO Console? (+Best Commands)

On this page you can find a simple guide how to enable and use the CS:GO Console. Moreover let’s check the most important console commands for CS:GO.

How to enable the Console in CS:GO?

In CS:GO you have two options to activate the console, the first option is the simple one through the game menu, the second option is through a launch command:

Option 1: How to Activate the CS:GO Console in the Game Settings?

  • Launch CS:GO and open menu settings on the left side. Inside the game settings, search for the “game” tab and simply enable the console by setting the option onto “yes”.
    Enable the Console in CS GO
  • On top of that, go to “keyboard/mouse” settings menu and search the “toggle console key” entry. Setup a key for the console (I have chosen “F5”):
    Choose CS GO Console Key

Option 2: How to Activate the CS:GO Console with a Launch Command?

  • First of all, right click your Steam tray icon and open the Steam games library.
    Counterstrike Global Offensive Console Tutorial
  • Find Counter-Strike Global Offensive, right click it and open the properties.
    How to install the Console in CS GO
  • In the properties hit the button “set launch options”.
    CS GO Game Properties
  • Type “-console” and click ok. The launch command is now saved. If you start CS:GO the next time, it will automatically work.
    CS GO Console Command
  • If you have launched/relaunched CS:GO, don’t forget to setup a hotkey for the console, by browsing the menu settings and enable a key in he “keyboard/mouse” tab:
    Choose CS GO Console Key

That’s it, you have successfully configurated the CS:GO console! 😉 Now you can open the console with the hotkey you have set (it works ingame and also in the menu).

What is the CS:GO Console for?

The CS:GO Console allows, to use all the important commands to configure the game. It is the control set in CS:GO and allows to adjust every single game mechanic. With the CS:GO Console you can define, change, and upgrade your game. Like this you pro players configure CS:GO to their personal needs and also adjust them for their gaming hardware, like the mouse and the keyboard.

Here are some of the possibilities of the CS:GO console:

The CS:GO Console is the main foundation for all the other configs that you can find on To get the best CS:GO configs for the console browse our big archive.

How to use Console Commands in CS:GO?

To use CS:GO console commands just type in the command and hit enter. While typing CS:GO offers you an auto-completion for the commands. How to use CS GO Console CommandsThe console might seem super geeky on the first sight, with all of the numbers and codes, but it’s easy to deal with it.

You don’t have to be a coder, just focus on what you need and enter the commands. You can simply copy console commands from our extensive lists on After entering the command, check ingame if the console commands have worked properly.

How to Bind Console Commands to Hotkeys in CS:GO?

Binding game functions onto hotkeys is one of the most used methods in CS:GO. For example you can save a complete buyscript onto one key (buying AK-47, Deagle, Kevlar and grenades with just one key).
Bind Key to CS GO Console Command Counterstrike Global Offensive already has a lot of default hotkey binds, like the basic game keys.
You can change all of these, and play CS:GO like you want. With keybinds you can bind anything to your hotkeys on the keyboard or mouse.

To do this just combine three things: The bind action, your hotkey and the command:
bind F9 net_graph1
This command will bind the action to show the net graph in CS:GO:
CS GO Console Command NetgraphImportant: Binds are mostly used ingame, binding “net_graph 1” onto a key would just work with an open console.

How to toggle keybinds in CS:GO?

Toggeling means to switch between on and off. To toggle a key bind enter “BindToggle”.
BindToggle "F9" "net_graph1"

How to use multiple Key Binds in CS:GO?

To use multiple CS:GO keybinds just separate the console commands with semicolons and put them into quotation marks. You can enter as many commands as you want:
bind "F9" "net_graph1; noclip"

You can find my detailled CS:GO buyscript guide here.

How to unbind CS:GO Key Binds?

To remove a key bind, just type unbind and add the key:
unbind "F9"

How to join servers and games with the CS:GO Console?

To join a CS:GO server with a CS:GO console command just type “connect” and add the IP:

To join CS:GO servers with a password, type the following command into the console:
connect; password banana

What are the Best CS:GO Console Commands?

Here are the best CS:GO commands for the console:

Console Command:Effect:
net_graph 1Simply display the net graph in CS:GO to see your ping, FPS and packet loss.
bind [key] [command]The bind function allows you to setup custom hotkeys, together with a console command.
say [message]Say something inside a game, you can bind this on keys.
give [weapon code]Give yourself a weapon.

In CS:GO you can select between over 3000 console commands. To find all of them check out our complete CS:GO command list.

Also checkout my extensive CS:GO SV cheat guide.

I hope it was easy for you to understand how to enable and use the CS:GO console! 🙂

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