The BIG CS:GO Lexicon – All CS:GO Slang & Lingo Words

On this page all slang words, abbreviations and word phrases that Counterstrike players use are explained to simply understand what other people mean.

Explanation of CS:GO Slang Words and Abbreviations:

GLGL means “good luck” and is an unmanered way to start a game.
HFHF means “have fun”, and is a mannered way to start a game.
TT stands for the Terrorists team.
CTCT stands for the Counter-Terorrist team.
MVPMVP stands for most valuable player of a round in CS:GO. The player with the higehst impact gets the MVP reward which is represented by a star in the scoreboard. Entry frags, double or tripple kills, bomb plants and defuses, high accuracy and headshots are the most valuable things players can do.
ENTRY FRAGGERAn entry fragger is someone who makes the first kill in a round. This kill is the most important one and often gets rewarded with the MVP star.
ELOElo means, to evaluate the player’s skill due to his performance in the game. In most of PvP Online Games different Elo’s are used in the back. Find a complete CS:GO Elo Tutorial here.
RANKThe CS:GO ranks define a players skill. Find all CS:GO ranks listed here.
NOVASThe NOVAS in CS:GO are the gold ranks from Gold Nova 1 up to Gold Nova Master.
DMGDMG stands for the CS:GO rank Distinguished Master Guardian.
LE/LEMLE and LEM stand for the ranks Legendary Eagle and Legendary Eagle Master.
GLOBALGlobal stands for the highest rank in CS:GO called Global Elite.
TBHTBH stands for to be honest.
KDAKDA means Kill Death Assist Ratio and is one of the most important things in a CS:GO ranked matchmaking game.
ADRADR stands for Average Damage per Round, keep this value high to have impact onto the game.
ACEAn ace is the elimination of the complete enemy team by only one player.
BACKSTABBackstabbing means to get behind the enemy lines like a ninja, to take them out without any backfire.
AWPThe AWP is the name of the strongest sniper weapon in CS:GO.
200 IQTypical command for someone who did something supersmart or outsmarted the enemy.
ConsoleThe developer console is a small box in which players can enter commands to customize the game. Find a CS:GO console tutorial here.
CFGA CFG is a config file in CS:GO, checkout this guide how to change config files.
BAITA bait is a team player that is taking the aggro, which can be produced by attacking at a specific side, by making noise, shoot a lot or using decoy grenades. In that timeframe other team mates can attack from another side.
CLUTCHWhen the team with less players manages to win the round vs more players in the other team, then it’s called clutch.
BANANASpecial name of the left sidewalk on Inferno. Find all CS:GO map callout names in this overview.
BHOPBHOP means bunny hopping, a technical order of jumps that improve the movement speed.
BLOCKBlocking means to block out team members that take damage and can’t dodge or escape.
BOOSTINGUsing boosting means to let a better player use your account, which will increase your rank fast. This can be a friend or a boosting service.
BOOSTA boost in-game is a crouch position to enable a second player to reach a higher area on a map by jumping on him and then standing up.
ECOECO is an economy round in which the team saves the most of the money to commit to hold back the money at the same time. Single items like grenades are okay in an ECO round.
BUY OUTBuy out means to spend all of the money a player has, because it’s the last round.
DROPDropping means to share the money with other team mates by buying a weapon and giving it to them.
HALF BUYA half buy is like a half ECO, only some players get full equipment and some are saving the money. It can be useful that the saving players also buy Kevklar and grenades, because if they pick a weapon up later, they are like full equiped.
SAVESaving means to survive the round while saving an expensive weapon like an AWP.
FULL SAVEA full save requires to spend absolutely no money by all players in the team.
CARRYThe carry is the one who wins the game by making the most kills. If you play ranked matchmaking, always try to be the carry.
COLLATERALA collateral shot hits two or more enemies at a same time. The master class is the AWP shot with 2 kills.
CROSSHAIRThe crosshair is the small reticle that defines the area where the bullets will land. Find a pro player crosshair overview here.
CROSSFIRECrossfire means to save one area with two people, so that any upcoming enemy will have a hard time.
CRABWALKCrabwalking means to walk crouched to be quiet or precise at aiming.
HSA HS is a head shot, a bullet that hits the head of a player.
DINKA DINK is the sound when a bullet hits through the helmet. A hard damaging head shot.
FAKE FLASHThrow an item (your pistol) to fake a flash grenade, so that the opponent is turning away. In the exact same moment, move in with your main weapon and shoot him down.
FLASH PEEKThe perfekt flash which flashes all enemies inside an area, so that it’s possible to take them out all.
FLICKAn extremely fast shot that hits a target that just appared.
FPSFrames per second. Find a CS:GO FPS guide here.
PINGPing is the latency that you have while playing, which is dependent on the quality of the internet connection you are using to play CS:GO. I wrote a CS:GO ping optimization guide here.
LAGLag means that a player is having spikes or is missing game information due to a bad connection. A high ping leads to massive LAGs which make it impossible to play well.
HPHP stands for health points.
CAMPINGCamping means to wait in an area without moving, to bring the enemy down.
LURKERA lurker is player in CS:GO which waits for the offensive opponents that want to rush or switch the sides.
MOLLYMolly stands for Molotow cocktail.
NINJA DEFUSEA ninja defuse describes a bomb defuse in a smoke grenade while the opponents are still alive.
NTNT stands for nice try, and most likely means the last player who still tries to win the round alone.
POP FLASHA pop flash is a flash grenade that gets thrown into an area in which the player rushes in afterwards immidiately to hit the bind enemies.
REKTRekt stands for wrecked and means to totally destroy someone.
SMURFA smurf account is another Steam account which is not the main one. Smurfs often play with accounts of a lower rank and destroy the balancing of fair games.
STACKA stack is a tactcial movement in CS:GO when the Terrorists team is moving together to a bomb spot to dominate it.
SUPPORTThe support player is giving backup and is covering when some one else is performing a specific action like rushing in or planting a bomb.
UTILITYThe utility are all of the items in the game which are no weapons. To this belong the grenades, the kevlar and the defuse kit.
WALL OF SMOKEA wall of smoke is like the name says a row of smoke grenades to cover a specific area. For example on Dust 2 a-long two smokes can block the entire area to the mid and safe the team.
TS3TS3 stands for the voice software Teamspeak 3.
LITLIT means that an enemy player has less that 40hp.
ROTATERotating means to move from one bomb spot to another for higher winning chances.
IGLIGL stands for in-game leader, this player makes the calls and the strategy. Every CS:GO pro team has a leader.
PRE-AIMPre-Aiming means to already position the crosshair in the area where the enemy will most likely peek.
NO SCOPEAn awp or scout shot that hits without zooming in.

What are the Most common Abbreviations in CS:GO?

The most common Abbreviations in CS:GO are gl hf, afk, wtf, ace and eco. As a new player it helps to understand each of these for fast communication.

What does Ace mean in CS:GO?

An Ace in CS:GO means that one player kills all players of the opponent team alone. In ranked CS:GO matchmaking 10 players are queued against each other in 5vs5 and an Ace usually means to take out these 5 opponents alone.

What does Clutch mean in CS:GO?

A clutch is the outcoming win of a round in which fewer players in a team won vs more players in the other team.

What does Baiting means in CS:GO?

Baiting means to make the enemy care for you by making noise or shooting – so that other teammates can attack from the sides.

What is Bhopping in CS:GO?

A bhop in CS:GO is a “bunny hop”, which means to execute a number of controlled jumps which increase the movement speed.

What does AFK mean?

AFK means that a player is “away from the keyboard” which just means he is currently not playing. In CS:GO this usually means he is idle at the spawn and a free kill.

For more CS:GO guides, checkout the tips and tricks overview.

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