How to use Custom Fonts in CS:GO? (Quick Guide)

In CS:GO custom text fonts can be used to add more style to the game. On this page I explain how to download and setup the fonts for CS:GO.

What are Fonts?

Fonts are text patterns that can be installed on a local computer, web server, or website. For CS:GO fonts are getting installed locally, that means it only affects your visual outcome, others will see their own font. Fonts can be downloaded on the internet and have to be placed into the windows or mac database. Windows fonts are located under “C:/Windows/Fonts”.

Standard fonts are Arial or Tahoma, in this tutorial I explain how to download and use cool custom fonts. 😉

How to use Custom
Fonts in CS:GO?

  • Go to the Fonts Download page called
  • Choose a font from the download list, which includes images so that you can see how the fonts look like:
    CS GO Font Examples
  • Select a font and download the font file by clicking onto the “download” button.
  • Now unzip the downloaded font zip file on your computer. The font folder contains two files a fontlib swf file and a fontmapping cfg file.
    Steam Font Download Files
  • Now open the Steam library, rightlick CS:GO and click on properties.
    Steam Library Game Properties
  • In the CS:GO properties windows click on the “Local Files” tab and then click the button “browse local files” to open the correct CS:GO path.
    CS GO Browse Local Files
  • In the windows folder now and the downloaded font folder, now make sure to open the same area with the folder called “flash”. Click all the way through until you are in the flash folder on both parts and then copy the two font files into the CS:GO folder. Replace the font files.
    CSGO Copy Font Files
  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed custom CS:GO fonts. Now restart Steam and launch CS:GO to see the changes in-game.

    Here is a screenshot example of a custom CS:GO font:
    CSGO Font Example

How to Uninstall Fonts in CS:GO?

To uninstall custom CS:GO fonts use:

Is it legal to use custom Fonts in CS:GO?

It’s absolutely legal to use custom fonts, it’s not possible to get a VAC ban for that.
When using custom fonts it is not giving any advantage. The text pattern is only a local thing on your computer and defines what you visually see. It does not affect any server related or game-related CS:GO configurations.

What are the Best CS:GO Fonts? (Top 3)

Here are the top fonts that you can use for CS:GO. If you want to adjust Counterstrike, even more, check out my detailled CS:GO HUD guide to change the colors and sizing of the in-game menu.

  • Razer Font for Counterstrike:

    The Razer font definitely got style for CS:GO. The readability is low, but it’s very eye-catching.
    CSGO Razer Font

  • Fornite Font for Counterstrike:

    The font called Dimbo looks just like the Fornite font Burbank. It has a fun comic look.
    CSGO Fortnite Font

  • Mechanic Font for CS:GO:

    The mechanic font called SF Sports Night is a very mechanical text style, try it if you like that one.
    CSGO Mechanic Font

  • For more text styles and fonts check out the website given in the step by step tutorial on how to use the fonts in CS:GO.

    That’s it! I hope you like the guide and have fun playing.

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