Quick Guide: Where can I See my CS:GO Match History?

In this quick tutorial I explain two ways how to view your CS:GO statistics. The first option is the basic one in-game, the second option is for more detailed statistics. When playing ranked matches in CS:GO it’s essential to know the ongoing performance and to know how many games you have won and lost. By improving the win rate you can improve the CS:GO rank and determine all factors that the CS:GO Elo calculates for ranking up.

How to See your CS:GO Match History In-Game?

Solution 1: View your CS:GO Statistics in-game.

  • This is super simple, just launch CS:GO and go to the in-game menu on the left side and hit the tv button called “watch matches and tournaments”.
    CS GO Menu Matches
  • In the opening menu, you need to click onto the tab in the top menu called “your matches”, to see your latest ranked match results.
    CS GO Menu Your Matches
  • Now you can see all of the latest ranked match results with statistics in a list order: CS GO Match Results
    The information you get here is: The match result, the map which has been played, the date, game duration, the winner, won and lost rounds, in-game statistic of all kills, deaths, assists, mvps and the 1-5 ranks.

    In addition to that you can see the round performance of a player that you select: You can see how many times he died and when he made how many kills in comparisson to the impact of winning the round or not.
    CS GO Match Round Performance
    To get more details about which factors count to rank up and down in CS:GO, view our Elo ranking analysis.

  • In the bottom right corner of a match result, you can also download the CS:GO demo, share the demo, or archive/delete it.
    CS GO Match Demo

How to See your CS:GO Match History Online?

Solution 2: View your CS:GO Statistics on third party websites.

The in-game statistics of CS:GO are quite limited and therefore many players love to see more detailed data. The Counterstrike API (a technical port) is officially addressable and the data can be opened and used by anyone. Statistic websites call this data and display it in great overviews to show the performance of a CS:GO player and a complete user profile.

There is a lot of data, that CS:GO itself is hiding: A percentage of won and lost rounds. The overall K/D rating and how good you are with each weapon.

How to allow CS:GO statistic websites to get your Match Data?

First of all, you need to allow statistic websites to get your Steam data by making your profile public. To do so, open your Steam profile and change the options to the public. In this guide I explain how you can simply change the Steam profile privacy settings.

The Best CS:GO Rank Statistic Websites:

The following websites allow you to display your CS:GO profile statistics:

  • How to see your CS:GO stats on csgorankings.com?

    If you have set your profile settings to public like mentioned above, go to the website of csgorankings.com and login through the steam login button in the top right corner.CSGORankings profile statistics The website will now collect the data and display it as a profile. In my case it took some time until it was ready.

    If it’s done it will give you a perfect overview of your CS:GO career statistics (it will count every game from day 1 of your playtime). In the menu you can browse the sections matches, weapons, maps, ranks, trends and teammates to summarize where you are good at.

  • How to view your CS:GO profile on csgostats.gg?

    CSGO StatsAnother awesome site to view your CS:GO rankings and profile statistics is csgostats.gg.

    Simply open the website and log in through Steam. The website will load your data and then display the profile with nice graphs and tables. On this site, you get a lot of extra data and the tables are very beautiful and nice to use.

  • How to view your CS:GO statistics on csgo-stats.com?

    CS GO Statistic ProfileGo to the website csgo-stats.com and click on Steam login in the upper right corner.
    Then click on your name and view your profile. It will display the K/D ratio of the played CS:GO matches. In my example I can see, I seriously need to reduce by death count and increase my kill count. It may help to play safer. 😉 Through statistical CS:GO websites it’s easier to analyze problems and to get a better player.

That’s it! Where do you love to watch the CS:GO profile statistics? Find more CS:GO tips and tricks in the tools library! 🙂

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