SkinPort Guide: How to Buy and Sell CS:GO Skins?

On SkinPort, which is also called SkinPort you can buy and sell CS:GO skins. On this page I explain in a step by step guide on how register and trade on SkinPort. 🙂

What is SkinPort?

Skinbay Knife SkinsSkinbay is a website on which players can sign up with their Steam account and trade items and skins. The ingame accessoires have a real money reference and all CS:GO skins got a real world price based on the rarity and condition of the weapon skin.

I have tested SkinPort and after a few days, it was my number one resource to trade skins. The top feature of the site for me is the fast searchable content, it feels like every available CS:GO skin is on Skinbay. The prices are affordable and fair. To sign up click on the button or follow my step by step tutorial below. 🙂
Sign up

Step by Step Guide How to Buy and Sell Skins on SkinPort:

  • Go to the Skinbay Website and click on the Signup button in the upper right corner.
    Register on Skinbay
  • Create a new account, I recommend to use the Steam login, so that it will be easier later to integrate your inventory into SkinPort.
    Login with Steam
  • To proceed you need to confirm your email adress first.
    Confirm Email Address
  • Now you are successfully logged in. To add your inventory click on “sell” in the upper right corner.
    How to Sell CSGO Skins
  • To connect your Steam inventory, click on enter Steam trade url and follow the instructions. In the instructions you will find a link where you can copy your Steam trade link.
    Enter Steam Trade URL
  • Afterwards, your CS:GO inventory is integrated into SkinPort and you can start selling your items for real money.
    CSGO Inventory
  • If you want to buy CS:GO skins on the SkinPort market, click on the “market” button in the upper left corner.
    Buy CSGO Skins
  • That’s it! Have fun trading. 🙂

For which Games does Skinbay has trading offers?

SkinPort has trading offers for CS:GO, Dota 2, Z1 battle Royale, Rust and Team Fortress 2. SkinPort is focussed on Steam games and will add more games from time to time.
SkinPort MarketsThe CS:GO and Dota 2 markets are the biggest on SkinPort.

Is Skinbay safe to use?

Yes, SkinPort is safe to use, it is a known site with a trustful bussiness case.
It is also listed in the safe to use skin trading CS:GO websites list on reddit.

Have fun trading, also checkout the Top 10 AK-47 skins for CS:GO:
Best Ak-47 CSGO Skins

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