Ultimate CS:GO Dust 2 Guide (+ Grenade Tricks)

Welcome, on this page you can find a complete Dust 2 guide with an overview, map callouts, essential tips and smoke grenade advices.You want to dominate your enemies on Dust 2 to boost your CS:GO rank?
Let’s get it done! 🙂

What is important to Know about CS:GO Dust 2?

CS GO Dust 2 Radar MapDust 2 which is also known as “de_dust2” is a Counterstrike bomb defusal map with two bombspots. The map has the shape of an 8 and the two teams can meet each other very fast everywhere on the map.

Dust 2 has been released in 2001 in 1.5 but still gets played in Counterstrike Global Offensive. In October 2018 Valve redesigned and updated Dust 2, to modernize it by improving the visuals and paths.

Scenario:Bomb Defusal
Map Type:Official Valve Map
Frequency/Usage on Steam:Very High
T/CT Favor:Light T Favor/Well adjusted
Recommended Players:10 (5vs5)
Our Rating:

Why is Dust 2 so popular?

Dust 2 is extremely successful and everyone who played Counterstrike once knows Dust 2. The reason is the simplicity and visual look of the map: Dust 2 is super easy to understand within a few rounds. The easy access and skill depth Dust 2 delivers, make this map loved by CS GO beginners and experienced players as well. Dust 2 is easy to learn and hard to master. 😉

Is Dust 2 the most played Map in CS:GO?

Yes, Dust 2 is by far the most played map in CS:GO if you count all the years and versions. Dust 2 has always been played a lot on custom servers. In modern matchmaking, Dust 2 falls behind maps like mirage and inferno, but still gets played a lot.

Is Dust 2 T or CT sided?

Dust 2 is one of the best-balanced matchmaking maps in CS:GO.
It always had a light favor for the T side, but the CT side has also great potentials. Dust 2 is fairly evenly balanced with a super light T favor by 50.4%.

Tips and Tricks to Win on the CS:GO Map Dust 2:

Dust 2 Guide Tips and Tricks

  • Winning Dust 2 is most of the time a tactical thing. As the T team, rushing one spot with the whole team (from one or two sides) is the key to victory. For the CT team the positioning is crucial and the reaction of the first defense. By defending good early, CT’s can bring the map home over time.
  • Planting bombs on convenient spots: Check where your teammates and the enemies are, and choose the best possible spot to plant the bomb.
    Planting Bombs on Dust 2If you do this right, the round is mostly won, even without taking any risks.

    You have to plant the bomb in such a way, that you are getting a tactical advantage and the opponent a disadvantage.

    You can hear the enemy defusing. If you have a save spot that can protect the bomb if you peek, your opponent will not have many chances to kill you.

  • The team that is making the first kill is mostly winning the round. Rule 1: Never be the first one dying on Dust 2, always stay calm and wait a bit. Just if you are rushing and making an all-in, of course, the starting position determine if you have to go in as the first player.
  • Dust 2 is a map, on which smoke grenade impact can be maximized. Therefore learn as much perfect smokes as you can, this will improve your win rate a lot. You can find a Dust 2 smoke grenade tutorial below.
  • The Dust 2 double doors AWP control can tremendously change the game. The side that dominates the double doors will always have an advantage. Getting one enemy at the start of the round will skyrocket the round.CS GO Dust 2 Double Door AWP If you aim from the point with the highest distance to the end of the gap, as you can see on the image, then you have 17ms to kill an enemy through the double doors on Dust 2.
    When aiming straight through, it’ superhard to react, since you will have only 5-10ms: You need to increase the timeframe through good positioning.
  • As a CT on Dust 2 it’s all about preventing pushes and winning time. To perfectly prevent pushes it’s crucial to use grenades perfectly. For this Molotow grenades can be a great help: The most effective Molotow grenades against pushes, are on a-long (into the double doors), on a-short (onto the stairs) and b (into the tunnels). On b and short it’s quite simple to reach the spot in time to throw the grenade without any problems. On a-long you can instantly die if you peak, therefore throw the grenade from the car over the wall, check the angle on the image:
    Molotow Grenade on Dust 2 a-long
    Like this the Molotow grenade will perfectly block the way:
    Stop rushing enemies on Dust 2
  • The map feels very casual, but many players camp a lot on Dust 2, always be careful and check all corners while moving.
  • Use multiple positions and ways: Don’t move to the same spots over and over again, your enemies will most likely predict you.

    Change your playstyle and think about ways, where the enemy would not expect you, the same applies for the timing. If you delay a rush or movement, the enemy can be in a completely different situation.

Dust 2 AWP Doubledoor Aiming Tips:

How many times in our life did we stand on Dust 2 near the base with an AWP, trying to kill enemies instantly? Quite often… 😀 But it’s still a challenging task, even for experienced players – but once you adept it, you will earn fame and respect!

Dust 2 AWP Aiming GuideThis is a CS:GO guide to make your Dust 2 AWP aiming through the middledoors perfect!
On the training map dust 2 AWP doubledoors you have the possibility to aim trough the de_dust_2 doors to increase your hit rate.

The goal is to kill the Counter-Terrorist Player that wants to reach middle or the bomb spot B. This happens on every start of a round on Dust 2 and if you do regular kills here, this can hopefully increase your win rate…

CS GO Dust 2 AWP Video Guide:

Try it out – it works, the incoming headshots will make your enemies mad:

Dust 2 AWP Training Map Download:

You can download the Dust 2 AWP training map in the Steam Workshop: Dust 2 AWP Training Map Download. Simply download it and traing your AWP aim.

Smoke and Flash Grenade Tips for Dust 2 in CS:GO

To win more on Dust 2 and to reach a higher rank in CS:GO matchmaking.
The smoke grenades on Dust 2 have to be trained over and over again, and with these, you can do great rushes but they can also be used defensively:

All Dust 2 Callout Names – Official Map Position Naming:

Here you can find all map callouts of the CS GO map de_dust2. This is important for a fast voice report and global comprehension. It is crucial that all people online use the same wordings so that it is clear for everyone which area on the map is meant. Dust 2 is split into the main areas, a-long, a-short, tunnels, mid, and b. But also the callout names for specific positions can lead to better communication (example “xbox” means that an enemy is on the middlebox near a short.

These are all of the Dust 2 map callout names:
Dust 2 Map Position Names
CS GO Dust 2 Map Callouts

Dust 2 Wallpaper

Here are awesome Dust 2 Wallpapers – download for free:

Find more CS:GO wallpapers here.

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