How to Setup and Use a “Jump Throw Bind” in CS:GO?

The jump throw bind for grenades is a common tactic used by advanced and pro players in CS:GO. On this page I will explain what a CS:GO jump throw bind is and how to set it up.

What is a Jump Throw Bind in CS:GO?

A jump throw bind in CS:GO is a special way to jump and throw a grenade while jumping. Unlocking the grenade and throwing it immidiately after jumping allows to throw grenades to places that would be not reachable with a standard throw.CS GO Jump Throw
Jump throws get binded onto keys to make sure that it will work every single time.

It’s a complex action that still needs training, but the bind is essential to execute jump throws perfectly.
The CS:GO jump throw binds work for smoke grenades but also for all other grenades.

The jump throw gets bound onto a key that will perform multiple actions with only one click: By clicking the jump throw bind button you will jump and release the left mouse button at the exact same time.

What is a CS:GO Jump Throw for?

The CS:GO jump throw allows you to throw long distance grenades. You can throw grenades like smokes and flashes over high buildings, which would be impossible with a standard throw. This technique is also really effective for molotovs.
Another important aspect is, that a jump throw bind allows us to always have the same outcome. Like this, you can be constant in throwing grenades.

Example of a long-distance smoke grenade on the CS:GO map mirage:
Grenade Flying Distance CS GO

Why can’t I just jump and throw a grenade?

If you would try the same action of a jump throw without a bind, you would probably miss the exact timing window in most of the cases. You have to be very precise and are not allowed to release the grenade at different times. This would lead to different grenade throws and wrong locations of grenade placements. Therefore the jump throw bind compensates the dissimilarities.

How to setup a CS:GO Jump Throw Bind?

To setup a CS:GO jump throw bind, you need to add custom commands, which allow to perform the action. To test it try the first option, with the console. 😉
Choose between a one-time or durable option: For a one-time command simple open the CS:GO developer console and input the commands, for permanent binds add the command to your config file.

  • Jump Throw Bind Console Commands:

    To use the CS:GO console open it with your hotkey and enter the command. For a detailled console guide check here.

    Now add the following code to the console:
    alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind alt "+jumpthrow"

  • Jump Throw Bind Config File Commands:

    If you want to add the command to the config open your Steam folder and browse your config file which is located in the folder: Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg For a detailled guide how to edit config/autoexec files for CS:GO check this guide. 🙂

    Enter the following code:
    alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"
    alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
    bind "v" "+jumpthrow"

Explanation of the jump throw bind command:
The alias command fills a “container” with information, which contains 2 commands in this example: The first one is “+jump” the second one is “-attack”. This will let your character jump and stop the attack (to release your grenade). Additionally, the command “-jump throw” completes the task, so that you are able to perform a jump again. And finally the bind will give you the possibility to use the jump throw with one hotkey.

In this example, I have used the “ALT” and “v” key but you can use any keyboard or mouse key.

That’s it! Now you have successfully activated the jump throw bind and you can try it out in the game. Read below how to perform the action.

How to use a CS:GO Jump Throw Bind?

  • To use the jump throw bind now, join a CS:GO game and select a grenade. Now hold your “mouse1” button which will take the grenade back, so that it is ready to be released.
  • Aim into a direction where you want to throw the grenade to.
  • Now click the jump throw bind hotkey, which is “ALT” in my example. If you have configurated everything right, your character will perform the complete action alone: He will jump and release the grenade at the exact same time to perform a long-distance throw.
    How to use a CS GO Jump Throw Grenade Bind

You can make jump throws in CS:GO with different ranges:

  • Jump Throw with High Range: Select a grenade and hold the left mouse button and click the jump throw bind button to make a high-distance throw.
  • Jump Throw with Short Range: Select a grenade and hold the right mouse button and click the jump throw bind button to make a low-distance throw.
  • Jump Throw with Medium Range:Select a grenade and hold both mouse buttons, then click the jump throw bind button to make a medium-distance throw.

Are Jump Throw Binds allowed?

Jump throw binds are legal and you can’t be banned for using it. It’s a common in-game command CS:GO is offering and also pro players use it in official tournaments like ESEA, FACEIT, or ESL.
It’s totally fine to use it and VAC is accepting it. If you join custom tournaments check the rules if jump throw binds are allowed.

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