How to Mute other Players in CS:GO? (Quick Guide)

On this page you can find a simple guide how to mute the voice volume of other players in Counterstrike Global Offensive.

Step by Step Guide How to
Mute other Players in CS:GO:

  • To mute other players in an active CS:GO game, hold down the TAB key to show the scoreboard.CS:GO Scoreboard
  • Now click “attack2” wich should be your right mouse button to enable the cursor for the scoreboard. With the cursor now select the player that you want to mute and left click him (attack1). A small menu opens and you see the volume of the player displayed with a “1.0” which represents that 100% volume of the player will be used for voice over ip.Mute Player in CSGO
  • To mute the player completely click the “1.0” volume once. To reduce the volume hold the number and set it down to a lower number like 0.2.Muted Player in CSGO Scoreboard
  • That’s it! You have successfully muted a player in CS:GO. Keep in mind that you can’t see the text chat and radio commands as well from players that are muted.

How to mute other players in CS:GO by default in the Settings?

In the CS:GO settings the complete voice over IP volume can be changed. If you set this value to zero, all players are muted and you will not be able to hear voice over IP. Additionally you can activate or deactivate positioning voice over IP, which increases the volume of players that are near on the map and reduces the volume of players that are far away.
CSGO Voice Over IP Settings

How to use the automatic Mute Function in CS:GO?

In early 2020, Valve has released a new automatic voice ban feature to improve the community. Whenever a lot of people report the same player for abusing the voice system, he will most likely get a timed ban. The voice ban can also be outpaced by reaching XP and another profile level.
3-4 sätze

How to mute other Players in CS:GO with a Console Command?

To mute all players in CS:GO use the command “voice_enable” and set it to 0.
voice_enable 0 Then the voice of others, as well as your own, is muted.

How to mute Specific Players with a Command?

Console Command:Function:
voice_show_muteDisplay the player ID’s that you can mute.
voice_mute [Player #]Mute a player via ID.
voice_unmute [Player #]Unmute a player via ID.
voice_reset_mutelistUnmute all players.

How to reduce the Volume of other Players Voice in CS:GO?

To reduce the volume of the voice messages of others in a CS:GO match use the “voice_scale” command:
voice_scale 0.2 0 means others are muted, 1 means 100% volume. 0.2 = 20% volume.

To get full control over all CS:GO voice console commands, checkout the voice command list page.

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3 years ago

The console commands have never worked for me. Didn’t even realize you could enable mouse on the scoreboard. Thanks