CS:GO Rank Gold Nova 2

CSGO Rank Gold Nova 2

How many Players in CS:GO are Ranked as Gold Nova 2?


8.8% of all Players are Gold Nova 2. About 34% of all players got a gold rank.

What are the Characteristics of a Gold Nova 2 Player?

  • Basic knowledge about CS:GO and a good game sense.
  • Gold Nova 2's have improved their aiming, but need to reach a constant performance level.
  • Novas try to follow basic strategies.

How can a Gold Nova 2 Player get better in CS:GO?

  • As a Gold Nova 2, train your aiming to reach a constant level.
  • Play more matchmaking 5vs5 and focus on winning.
  • Try to understand what you could make better.

How good is Gold Nova 2 compared to the Average CS:GO Rank?

The CS:GO rank Gold Nova 2 is slightly below the 50% mark of all ranks.
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