CS:GO Surfing Guide: How to Surf in Counterstrike?

In CS:GO you can play surfing maps which are completely different compared to normal matchmaking. On this page I will show you how to play surf maps and how the basics work!

What is Surfing in CS:GO?

Surfing in CS:GO is a special map style, created by the community. On surf maps players can jump onto surfaces and need to stay in the air as long as possible without hitting the ground. It’s mainly about the technique how fast you get and how to jump over ramps and vehicles. CS:GO surfing is a fun map variant called “surf_” that can be played on community servers, with a manipulated gravity like on the moon to allow flying higher.CS GO Surfing Screenshot

How to play Surf Maps
in CS:GO?

  • First of all go to the Steam Workshop website and login with your steam account. You may have to varify that it’s you with an email code.
    Steam Workshop Website
  • Now search for any surf map, a great surf map for beginners is “surf_mesa” to learn the basics.
    CS GO Surf Map Download
  • Now launch CS:GO, it will automatically download the surf map files.
  • Make sure that you have setup your console, and a hotkey to use the console. If not, checkout my simple CS:GO console tutorial.
  • Now click on play, open the dropdown menu in the upper left corner and choose “Workshop Maps”. Now all workshop maps will be displayed, select your surf map and click play.
    Play CS:GO Surf Map
  • When the map has finished loading, open the console and use the following commands:
    bot_kick; sv_cheats 1; np_roundtime 60; mp_freezetime 0; mp_restartgame 1; sv_airaccelerate 400

    All CS:GO Surfing Console Commands:

    If you create your own personal or community server, host a surf map server and enter the following commands.
    Make sure that sv_cheats 1 is enabled. Kick all bots, because bots don’t have the AI to surf, it can only be done by humans.

    Console Command:Description:
    sv_cheats 1Enable the cheat mode. Find a complete tutorial and all cheat commands here.
    bot_kickRemove all bots, bots can’t surf.
    mp_warmup_endRemove warmup time.
    mp_roundtime 60Sets the CS:GO round time to 60 minutes to allow undisturbed surfing.
    sv_airaccelerate 400This is the most important setting it will change the rate at which you will accelerate in the air.
    mp_restartgame 1Restart game.
    godGod mode.
  • That’s it! You can now successfully play surf maps.CSGO Surf Map Screenshot

Tip: You can also join community servers that play “surf_” maps, to play with others.CS GO Community Server Surf Maps

In CS:GO different types of surf maps are playable: The normal surf maps are only for surfing, the goal can be to reach the end as the first player within a limited amount of time. On these maps, you can train surfing a lot and enjoy the game. On Surf-and-Shoot maps the game elements of CS:GO and surfing is mixed. This mode is for advanced surfers. Teams fight against each other on surfing parkour maps.

How to Surf in CS:GO?

  • To start surfing in CS:GO move your player to a ramp, jump on it and surfing can start. Now you need to move your character on the ramp with the keys a and d. Only use these keys. It’s simple: just click the key that pushes you into the opposite side of the ramp end.
  • CS GO Surf TipsAvoid the common mistake beginners do: “W” is not for moving forward, you don’t need that key. Also, the key “S” is not required, it would just stop you, never stop on surf maps! 😉
  • The next important thing is to move your mouse cursor. If you just look forward you will move to the end of the ramp fast, therefore you need to get control over how your character behaves. By where you look you can speed up extremely. Through the technique called strafing you move into a direction and directly move into the other direction like swimming in curves. Don’t overdo this, start with small curves. At the same time of moving to a direction, your mouse cursor needs to be moved to this direction.

How to get better at CS:GO Surfing:

  • Surfing requires a lot of training, don’t be upset if it’s not working at the start. Most people need hours to learn the basics, but it is addicting and makes a lot of fun.
  • In CS:GO surfing it is important to speed up, for this master the strafing technique and watch the parcour, many ramps are defined to jump over long distances and allow a simple execution.
  • To get better at surfing, train hard and try to reach the end of parkour. Often Parkours have tons of levels which are easy at the start and get harder over time.
  • It helps a lot to watch other people surfing and how it works, many youtube videos and twitch streams show how to surf well. Then you can copy their behavior and try to be as good as they are.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the article, now have fun playing surf maps in CS:GO! 🙂

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