Best CS:GO Settings Best Game Gear + Mouse and Video Configs

What are the Best CS:GO Mouse & DPI Settings?

The mouse is your most important gaming tool for CS:GO, it must be mastered, choose the right weapon and adjust it perfectly! Here you can find out how to use the best mouse settings for CS:GO!

Recommendation for the Best CS:GO Gaming Mouse:

Here are the five best gaming mouse recommendations, chosen by pro players:

.Best CSGO Mouse Razer DeathadderRazer Deathadder• Most Used
• Very Precise & Reliable
• No Fancy Stuff
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.Logitech CSGO Gaming MouseLogitech G502 Hero• High DPI
• Very Mechanical
• 11 Extra Keys
Check Price on Amazon
.SteelSeries Best Gaming MouseSteelSeries Rival 3• Best Price
• Precise
• 6 Extra Keys
Check Price on Amazon
.SteelSeries Rival 600SteelSeries Rival 600• Fancy & Colorful
• Precise
• High DPI
Check Price on Amazon
.BenQ Zowie MouseBenQ Zowie EC2• Multigaming
• Precise
• No Fancy Stuff
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What are the Best Mouse Settings?

First of all, make sure that you have chosen an awesome gaming mouse with which you can play well, all recommendations from the table above are well-proven best-sellers which work great for CS:GO pro players.

Afterwards, it’s time to find the perfect mouse settings for CS:GO. In Counterstrike a lot of commands and configurations are possible for the mouse adjustment, you can find all console commands for the mouse here.

To make sure to find the best CS:GO settings for your mouse, let’s check the sensitivity, the DPI, the raw input, the acceleration, and how pro players do it.

  • What is DPI?

    Mouse DPI on MousepadDPI stands for “dots per inch” and it directly affects the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI is also called CPI, which stands for “counts per inch”. DPI means that if you move the mouse with your hand, that the system will measure the amount of DPI as single points on one inch. If the DPI is 400, then 400 points on one inch on your mousepad will be tracked, the sensitivity is 400 points for the area of one inch on the mousepad. The higher the DPI the more sensitive it is. Depending on the settings, a higher DPI leads to a higher distance of the mouse on the screen, with a smaller distance on the mousepad.
    It’s not better to play with more DPI, and it’s a marketing fake to sell mouses with more DPI numbers.

  • What is eDPI?

    The eDPI is the combination of the gaming mouse DPI and the in-game sensitivity. With the eDPI you can compare the actual sensitivity of players regardless of their hardware settings. You can find our DPI calculator here.

  • Pro Settings for your Gaming Mouse:

    The most pro players use a low sensitivity, compared to casual CS:GO players. This allows precise aiming and a more constant playing. To check out the settings of the top pro players, checkout s1mple and the other CS:GO pros.

    CS GO s1mple pro crosshair
    CS GO Stewie2k Pro Crosshair
    CSGO Boombl4 Pro Crosshair
    CS GO Twistzz Pro Crosshair

    View all CS:GO Pro Player Settings

  • What is Mouse Sensitivity and How to Change it in CS:GO?

    The mouse sensitivity is a setting that is adjusted directly in games like CS:GO and defines how sensitive your mouse will be when moving it. It comes on top of the default settings you for your mouse and in Windows. CS:GO is paying a lot of attention and is giving great control with powerful commands and adjustments through the developer console.
    The mouse sensitivity settings can be different for different devices, a sensitivity value of “2” will work differently for a 1600 and an 800 DPI mouse.

    To adjust your mouse sensitivity in CS:GO using the following command: “sensitivity 1.25”

  • What Is Mouse Acceleration in CS:GO?

    In CS:GO the mouse acceleration means that your crosshair moves a bit more when you are moving your mouse faster. If you turn around or move to a specific area very fast, the mouse acceleration adds extra speed, but the real destination will be kind of inaccurate. Therefore the mouse acceleration is deactivated by default. It’s a method that is based on muscle memory and if you play a lot you might be able to deal good with it, some pro players are using mouse acceleration.

What are the Best CS:GO Mouse Settings?

The best settings need to be adjusted to your gaming hardware. It’s good to choose a DPI value between 400-800 and to use settings like the pro players. The most pro players set the windows mouse sensitivity to 6 or 7 so that the behavior is controllable. Then the most settings can be defined with in-game commands.

To be fast and precise, also consider buying a professional mouse pad, it will last for ages. I have mine for over 5 years. 😉

Best Mousepad Recommendation for CS:GO:

.SteelSeries QcKSteelSeries QcK+• Huge Area
• Fair Price
• Stylish & Fast
Check Price on Amazon
.Best Colorful CSGO MousepadSteelSeries QcK Prism• Reactive RGB Colors
• Superfast
• Changeable Colors
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.CSGO Razer MousepadRazer Gaming Mousepad• Colorful Design
• Fair Price
• Super Thin
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Best CS:GO Launch Commands & HUD Configs:

To find the best configurations for CS:GO check our commands overview to make sure you adjust everything you like.

Recommended CS:GO Launch Commands:

These are the most basic and standart launch commands, that are recommmended for everyone:

Lauch Command:Description:
-tickrate 128The tickrate launch option sets the tick rate of any server/single player game to the number that you enter. (“-tickrate 128” recommended). In effect, any “Offline With Bots” games you play will be ran at this tickrate.
+fps_max 0The fps max launchoption sets the maximum FPS (frames per second) of CS:GO. Replace [amount] with the amount you want to limit your game to. Setting it to 0 (“-fps_max 0”) will remove any limit, making your game run at the highest FPS possible. Here you can find the extensive CS:GO FPS guide.
-novidThe intro video will be automatically skipped and you go straight to the game menu.
-nojoyThe nojoy command, removes all of the joystick support rules, which can save RAM.

To see all CS:GO launch commands visit this overview.

Best CS:GO Radar Config Settings:

Best CS GO Radar Settings
These are the best CS:GO radar settings:

cl_radar_always_centered “0”
cl_radar_scale “0.3”
cl_hud_radar_scale “1.15”
cl_radar_icon_scale_min “1”
cl_radar_rotate “1”
cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard “1”

Find more information on changing your CS:GO HUD in this guide:
How to change the CS GO Hud

Best CS:GO Monitor and Video Settings:

These are the top gaming monitors that are pefectly compatible for CS:GO.

Which is the Best Monitor for CS:GO? (Recommendation)

.Best Monitor for CSGOBenQ XL2546• 24.5 Zoll
• Most Used, Best Monitor
• Superfast Reaction Time
Check Price on Amazon
.Samsung Gaming MonitorSamsung U28E590D• 28 Zoll
• Top Performance
• Great View
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.BenQ 24 ZollBenQ XL2411P• 24 Zoll
• Fair Price
• Top Performance
Check Price on Amazon
.Gaming Monitor Asus RogASUS ROG PG248Q• 27 Zoll
• Great Colors
• Fast Reaction Time
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.Dell Alienware Gaming MonitorAlienware AW2518H• 24.5 Zoll
• Superfast Reaction Time
• Prime
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What are the Best Video Settings for CS:GO?

These are the best video settings for CS:GO:

Option:Best Settings:
Brightness:Choose what you like.
Color Mode:Computer Monitor
Aspect Ratio:16:9 is recommened, check the ratio guide below
Resolution:Choose what works for you
Display Mode:Fullscreen
Laptop Power Saving:Disabled
Global Shadow Quality:Very Low
Model/Texture Detail:Low
Effect Detail:Low
Shader Detail:Low
Multicore Rendering:Enabled
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode:None
Texture Filtering Mode:Bilinear
FXAA Anti-Aliasing:Disabled
Wait for Vertical Sync:Disabled
Motion Blur:Disabled

What is the Best Screen Resolution for CS:GO?

Pro players often do not play in 1080p HD, they use to play with low quality and zoom functionality. The play with settings from old times when monitors have been smaller. The reason for this is that they feel more comfortable, and enemies can be seen easier – below are the most common ratios listed:

What is the Best CS:GO Aspect Ratio?

16:9Most common
16:10Used with newer monitors (You can see more height)
4:3The old school Counterstrike aspect ratio. The image wil be stretched and zoomed in. Enemies and hitboxes are larger.

Tip: With 16:9 and 16:10 you can see a great area of the map around you, with 4:3 you see less, but models are bigger and might have a higher visibility for you. It’s a personal preference. Checkout the pro area to see which pro players are using which aspect ratio for which monitor. 🙂

Which FPS should I have in CS:GO?

The average FPS in CS:GO varies between 60 and 120 FPS. Don’t play with an FPS below 60.

60 FPS should be your miminum!

FPS:Visual Effect:
0-30 FPSNearly unplayable with shuttering images. This just looks wrong for a human eye.
30-60 FPSShaking images, but playable.
60-120 FPSAverage FPS amount for great gameplay.
120+ FPSSome CS:GO playes love to boost their FPS extremely to reach FPS values of 800 or more!

Checkout my extensive CS:GO FPS guide, to improve your frames per second:
How to See and Boost the FPS in CS GO

Best CS:GO Gaming Chair:

What are we all doing when playing CS:GO? Sitting! 😀 To play with a really nice gaming chair can change everything.

What are the Best Gaming Chairs for CS:GO? (Recommendation)

.Best Gaming Chair DX RacerDX Racer 1• Top Bestseller #1
• Most Used Chair, High Quality
• Great Comfort, Cool Look
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.GT Player Blue ChairGT Player Blue• Bestseller #2
• Cool Look
• Ergonmic
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.UMI Gaming Chair Best PriceUMI Gaming Chair• Great Comfort
• Fair Price
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.Klim E-Sports Gaming ChairKLIM E-Sports Chair• Premium Material
• Ergonomic
Check Price on Amazon
.Sharkoon Gaming ChairSharkoon Skiller• Many Different Colors
• XXL Comfort
• Ergonomic
Check Price on Amazon

Showcase of the Best Gaming Chair for CS:GO

CSGO Best Gaming Chair
The DX Racer 1 is still one of the best gaming chairs on the market, and CS:GO players love this one. It’s not the biggest one or the most luxury one, it’s a simply great gaming chair which is ergonomic and has high sitting comfort for hours. The red one is the most famous one, check out which one you like!

View on Amazon

Best CS:GO Sound & Audio Settings:

Clear sound and noice cancelation are key to win in CS:GO.

What are the Best Gaming Headsets for CS:GO? (Recommendation)

.Steelseries Arctis Pro HeadsetSteelseries Arctis Pro• Bestseller
• No 1 Headset for Gamers
• Clear Sound
Check Price on Amazon
.Logitech Gaming HeadsetLogitech G935 Gaming Headset• Top Quality
• Great Sound
• Maximum Compatibility
Check Price on Amazon
.Razer Kraken X Gamign HeadsetRazer Kraken X• Different Colors
• Great Sound
• Fair Price
Check Price on Amazon

What are the Best Audio Settings for CS:GO?

It’s absolutely clear, that the sound is a huge game mechanic of CS:GO. This differentiates CS:GO to many other e-sport titles, where the sound is most likely for entertainment purposes.

In CS:GO you have to combine the senses: What you see and what you hear have to be combined to get the best information. On top of that, you need to predict enemy movements and timings: If you know a map well, you will know at what time an opponent can reach a target.

CS GO HeadsetThe footsteps, jumps, weapon switches and shots are sounds that you can hear to identify a players position. That can be an allied teammate or an opponent. By hearing an enemy, you get extremely powerful information, that allows you to be prepared to see him there soon.

To optimize using the sound in CS:GO, don’t listen to music while playing or watch tv. Turn everything off, and turn the in-game sound very loud. It’s a good choice to reduce the incoming microphone sound to a minimum and the game sound to a maximum. To hear everything crystal clear, buy a good headset that has noise-canceling and lets you focus on the game.

These are the best CS:GO Audio Settings:

volume “0.2”
voice_enable “1”
voice_scale “1”
windows_speaker_config “1”
snd_musicvolume “0.04”
snd_tensecondwarning_volume “1”
snd_menumusic_volume “0”
snd_roundend_volume “0”
snd_roundstart_volume “0”
snd_deathcamera_volume “0”
snd_mapobjective_volume “0”

Best CS:GO Keyboard Settings:

Which are the best Keyboards to play CS:GO? Here are the top three gaming keyboards.

What are the Best Gaming Keyboards for CS:GO? (Recommendation)

.Steelseris Apex Best Gaming KeyboardSteelseries Apex 7• No 1 Gaming Keyboard
• Awesome Colors
• Fast Reaction Time
Check Price on Amazon
.Razer Blackwidow EliteRazer Blackwidow Elite• Well Known
• Great Colors
• Fast Reaction Time
Check Price on Amazon
.Corsair Gaming KeyboardCorsair K63• Cherry Red Color
• Fair Price
Check Price on Amazon

What are the Best Keyboard Settings for CS:GO?

Mechanical keyboards are advisable for CS GO, because they have a much faster reaction time compared to normal keyboards. A good keyboard for CS:GO should allow high-speed pressing and on top of that allow you to save macros through console keybinds and CS:GO buyscripts.

Here you can find my simple CS:GO buyscript tutorial:
How to use CS GO Buyscripts