Guide: How to get more Weapon Skin Drops in CS:GO?

How frequently does CS:GO item drops happen? Is it possible to get control over the item drops? On this page I will explain these topics.

What are CS:GO Item Drops?

CS GO Item DropWhen playing CS:GO players every now and then get rewarded with items. These items can be weapon skins, chests, stickers or graffities. These item drops are absolutely free, the player gets rewarded for this active playtime. The item drops are random and can have a different value on the market.

How does the Item Drop System work in CS:GO?

The CS:GO item drops happen when you play on an official community server where the anti-cheat software VAC is enabled. Like this Valve can make sure that no one is cheating, Valve does not want to reward hackers and cheaters. That means if you play public community servers, you will not be able to get weapon drops.

CS GO Profile Ranks for Item DropsThe frequency of a drop works like this: You can increase your profile rank through XP, find all 40 CS:GO profile ranks on this overview page.

Whenever you move up to the next rank within one week, a drop gets triggered after a completed match on a VAC secure server.
If your playtime and your rank ups increase the drop rate will slow down, but it gets reset with every new week.

How to simply get more Items in CS:GO?

  • Just play on official CS:GO community servers with VAC.
  • Open dropped weapon cases with a key.
  • Trade weapons with other players on the Steam marketplace.
  • Buy skins and items from the steam market.

The crafting system in CS:GO works like this: You need to combine 10 weapons of the same quality and craft them to receive 1 of the better quality tier level.

Does having a Prime Account Change the Drop Rate in CS:GO?

Yes, a lot of players state that having a prime account in CS:GO does increase the trust Valve has. It will not automatically lead to a higher drop rate, but chances to get a better item drop increases.

CS GO Weapon SkinsUnfortunately it’s really rare to get a lot out of the game through luck. Most of the players in the CS:GO community get about 2-10$ per year for sold items from the drops – if they are highly active. That means, don’t overcommit onto the random item drops, just see them as a combination and addon for you as a trader. Also find my CS:GO trading guide here.

Is it possible to Boost the CS:GO Droprate?

Unfortunately no, it’s not possible. As said before, you can increase the quality of the drops slightly by owning a Prime Account in CS:GO.
If you want to get more CS:GO skins and items in general, learn to trade up and how to trade well on market places. Read my trading guides and start your trading career! 🙂

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