CS:GO Danger Zone Commands Complete Danger Zone Console List

All CS:GO Danger Zone Commands:

Console Command:Function (Only in Danger Zone Game Mode):
cl_compass_enabled [0 / 1]0 = Disable Compass at the top screen (for yourself)
1 = Enable Compass at the top screen (for yourself)
sv_dz_reset_danger_zoneRestart the current Danger Zone game.
cl_dz_playagain_auto_spectate [0 / 1]0 = Disabled
1 = Enables to automatically switching to spectator mode after clicking play.
sv_dz_jointeam_allowed [0 / 1]0 = Disabled
1 = Allow players to leave and join teams in Danger Zone.
sv_dz_player_spawn_armor [0 / 1]0 = Disabled
1 = Players will spawn with Armor
cl_dangerzone_sound_volume [Volume]Set the volume of default sound effects of the Danger Zone mode.
cl_dangerzone_approaching_sound_radius [Radius]Set the radius for the "approaching sound".
cl_dangerzone_moving_sound_volume [Volume]Set the volume for the "moving sound".
This command sets the volume of the "Moving Sound" in the Danger Zone gamemode.
cl_quickinventory_deadzone_sizeConfigure the inventory size.
cl_quickinventory_lastinvUse the last inventory item.
cl_rappel_tilt [Amount]Defines the tilt amount of your character when rappeling from a helicopter (skydiving/parachuting).
cl_tablet_mapmode [1 / 2]Set the tablet's map mode:
1 = The map rotates based on your movement
2 = The map will always face north
contributionscore_cash_bundle [Amount]Defines the amount of contribution score in the leaderboard that players receive when picking up cash bundles.
contributionscore_crate_break [Amount]Defines the amount of contribution score in the leaderboard that players receive for breaking an item crate.
dz_clearteamsDelete all existing Danger Zone teams.
dz_jointeam [Team #] [User ID / Name]Assign any player to a specific team in Danger Zone.
dz_shuffle_teamsShuffle the teams in Danger Zone.
dz_spawnselect_choose_hexChoose the spawn select in Danger Zone.
parachuteEquips your parachute in Danger Zone.
snd_dzmusic_volume [Volume]Adjust the music volume of the Danger Zone win screen.
survival_check_num_possible_final_zonePrints a number of possible final zones in Danger Zone.
sv_air_max_horizontal_parachute_ratio [Ratio]Toggle the horizontal parachute ratio in Danger Zone.
sv_air_max_horizontal_parachute_speed [Speed]Adjust how quickly you can move horizontally when parachuting in Danger Zone.
sv_airaccelerate_rappel [Speed]Define how fast a player moves while rappeling in Danger Zone.
sv_cs_player_speed_has_hostage [Speed]Only works in sv_cheat 1 mode. Define the movement speed of players that carry hostages in Danger Zone.
sv_drowning_damage_initial [DPS]Define the damage per second as you drown.
sv_drowning_damage_max [DPS]Set the max amount of damage when the maximum drowning effect hits in like in water.
sv_dz_autojointeam [0 / 1]0 = Players must join a team manually in Danger Zone.
1 = Players will be assigned to a team automatically in Danger Zone.
sv_dz_cash_bundle_size [Amount]Define the amount of money of a cash bundle, the default value is $50.
sv_dz_contractkill_reward [Amount]Define the number of cash bundles players get for a reached goal.
sv_dz_exploration_payment_amount [Amount]Define the number of cash bundles for exploring new sectors.
sv_dz_hostage_rescue_reward [Amount]Define the number of cash bundles for saving a hostage successfully in Danger Zone.
sv_dz_player_spawn_health [Amount]Define the amount of the player health, while the default is 120.
sv_dz_player_max_health [Amount]Define the amount of the player maximum health, while the default is 120.
sv_dz_show_enemy_name_scope_range [Distance]Define the range in that a player must be to display the name tag for other players in Danger Zone.
sv_dz_team_count [Amount]Define the maximum number of players that can be in a team.
sv_dz_warmup_tablet [0 / 1]0 = Disabled
1 = Gives players a tablet during the warmup period in Danger Zone
sv_dz_warmup_weapon [Weapon Code]Give players a specific weapon during the warmup period in Danger Zone.
sv_dz_zone_bombdrop_money_reward [Amount]Define the number of cash bundles players receive at the end of each Danger Zone wave, while the default is 15.
sv_dz_zone_damage [Damage]Setup the damage ticks per second of the zones in Danger Zone, the default is 1.
sv_dz_zone_hex_radius [Radius]Define the radius of each hex map on the tablet in Danger Zone, the default is 2200.
This command sets the radius of each hex on the map (tablet) in Danger Zone. Default is 2200.
sv_player_parachute_velocity [Speed]Define the speed at which you parachute on in Danger Zone.
sv_tablet_show_path_to_nearest_resq [0 / 1]When enabled it displays the nearest hostage rescue point on the tablet in Danger Zone.
sv_water_movespeed_multiplier [Speed Multiplier]Define how fast players are able to move in the water.
tablet_c4_dist_max [Distance]
tablet_c4_dist_min [Distance]
Define the minimum and maximum range in which tablets are allowed to display C4 in Danger Zone.
ui_playsettings_maps_official_dangerzone [Map]Choose the Danger Zone map.
ui_playsettings_mode_official_dz [Mode]Choose the default game settings for the Danger Zone mode.

What are CS:GO Danger Zone Commands for?

CS:GO Danger Zone Screenshot The CS:GO battle royale game mode called Danger Zone has it’s own console commands. When Danger Zone has been released, Valve added a list of commands which are only for the Danger Zone game mode and these maps.
All Danger Zone commands can be found in the table above and used in-game. Most of the commands are for server admins, that are hosting Danger Zone maps.

How to use CS:GO Danger
Zone Commands?

To use Danger Zone commands in CS:GO you need to activate and open the developer console. Enter the commands into the console and simply execute all of the customizations you want to apply onto the game.
For example, to increase the player health in Danger Zone, use the following command:
sv_dz_player_spawn_health 200; sv_dz_player_max_health 200 This will increase the health from 120 to 200.