CS:GO Controller and Joystick Commands How to use

All CS:GO Controller and Joystick Commands:

Console Command:Description:
exec controller.360.cfgLoad controller config.
joyadvancedupdateDisplays a list of advanced joystick settings in the CS:GO console and the axis layout.
joystick [0 / 1]Define to use your joystick or not.
0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
joystick_force_disabled [0 / 1]Prevents joystick usage, can be caused by other hardware.
joy_inverty 0With this CS:GO console command you can invert the Y-axis for looking around with a joystick: Moving the joystick up or forward will make the character look down.
0 = Off
1 = On
joy_movement_stick 1Define the stick location for the movement in CS:GO. 0/1/2
joystick_force_disabled_set_from_options 1Define external controllers and enable or disable them manually. 0/1
joy_sidesensitivity [Sensitivity]Joystick command to set the sensitivity of the sideway camera.
joy_response_move 1Define the movement stick response for your joystick. 0/1/2/3/4/5
+jlookAllows using a joystick for the camera/main view.
joy_accelmax [Acceleration]Defines the maximum acceleration of your joystick.
joy_accelscale [Acceleration]Defines the acceleration scale of your joystick.
joy_autoaimdampen [Aim Assistance]Defines how much input is required when the crosshair is on a target.
joy_autoAimDampenMethod [Range]Defines the sensitivity of your joystick input.
joy_autoaimdampenrangeDefines the stick range for when aim dampening kicks in.
joy_axis_deadzone [Deadzone]Defines the dead zone of a controller, so that it does not impact the movement on the game.
joy_axisbutton_threshold [Range]Defines the axis range of the joystick's analog stick.
joy_circle_correctCS:GO command for the joystick circle corecction.
joy_curvepoint_1 [Value]
joy_curvepoint_end [Value]
Console command for the client. Works for1-4 and for "_end".
joy_diagonalpov [0 / 1]This CS:GO command causes the POV (point of view) manipulator when using a joystick diagonal.
joy_display_input [0 / 1]Allows displaying the input.
joy_forwardsensitivity [Sensitivity]Control the forward sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_forwardthreshold [Threshold]Control the forward threshold.
joy_gamma [Gamma]Define the gamma.
joy_lowend [Value]Client-only command for low-end of the joystick.
joy_lowend_linear [Value]Client-only command for the linear low-end of the joystick.
joy_lowmap [Value]Client-only command for the low map of the joystick.
joy_name [Name]Client-only command for the name of the joystick.
joy_no_accel_jump [0 / 1]Client-only command for the jump acceleration of the joystick.
joy_pitchsensitivity [Sensitivity]Client-only command for the sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_pitchthreshold [Value]Adjusts the pitch threshold.
joy_response_look [0 / 1]Adjusts the look stick response.
joy_response_look_pitch [0 / 1]Adjusts the look stick response pitch.
joy_sensitive_step0 [Value]
joy_sensitive_step1 [Value]
joy_sensitive_step2 [Value]
Client-only command for the sensitivity of the joystick.
joy_sidethreshold [Value]Controls your sideway threshold.
joy_wingmanwarrior_turnhack [0 / 1]Enables a wingman warrior hack to related to turning axes.
joy_yawsensitivity [Sensitivity]Adjusts the joystick yaw sensitivity.
Extra CS:GO controller commands to get even more control about the axis layout.

What are CS:GO Controller Commands for?

Play CSGO with ControllerCS:GO Controller and Joystick commands allow players to use a controller or joypad for Counterstrike instead of playing with a mouse and a keyboard. To setup the perfect settings for a joystick in CS:GO, the console commands allow to define every single value of feedback in-game.

How to play CS:GO with a Controller?

  • CSGO Controller GuideFirst of all launch CS:GO and open the game settings by clicking the wheel on the left side.
  • In the settings, now click onto the Controller menu. This menu is designed to make the contoller and joystick usage in CS:GO easy for everyone. Now enable to “use a controller”.
    CSGO Controller Settings
  • Close the settings and open the CS:GO developer console. You can find a simple CS:GO developer quick guide here.
  • Now use the exec controller 360.cfg command:
    exec controller.360.cfg Afterward add as many of the controller commands of the table above as you want. To see a list of the actual controller settings type:
  • That’s it! Now you can play CS:GO with a controller.

Video Tutorial How to play CS:GO with a Controller: