All CS:GO Bot Commands How to Control Bots

All CS:GO Bot Commands:

Console Command:Function:
Add a Bot to a random side.
bot_add tAdd a Bot to the Terrorist side.
bot_add ctAdd a Bot to the Counter Terrorist side.
bot_add [T / CT] [Difficulty] [Name]

Complete Bot add command: Add a Bot and choose the side, difficulty and name.
Example: "bot_add t 3 Britney Spears"
bot_difficulty [value]Changes the skill difficulty of the Bots.
0 = Low / Easy
1 = Normal
2 = Hard
3 = Expert
bot_join_team [T / CT / Any]Add more bots to the server by adding them to t, ct, or randomly.
bot_killUse this CS:GO console command to kill all Bots.
bot_kill t
bot_kill ct
bot_kill george
bot_kill easy
Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Kills all bots from the selected criteria for the current round.
bot_kick [Kick Criteria]

Kick all bots that match a custom criteria like "t, ct, easy or a name"
bot_quota_mode [Mode]normal = normal
fill = fill the server with as many Bots as possible of "bot_quota"
match = 1 Bot per human
bot_stopFreezes all Bots.
bot_dont_shootBots won't shoot anymore.
bot_knives_onlyBots will use knives only.
bot_pistols_onlyBots will use Pistols only.
bot_all_weaponsBots will use all weapons.
bot_zombie 1All Bots turn into Zombies, wandering around.
bot_mimic 1The Bots copy the actions of your character.
bot_crouch 1All Bots will crouch.
bot_quota [Amount]Sets the maximum number of Bots that are allowed on a server.
notargetCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Define if bots should be aware of your player or not.
bot_dont_shoot [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots will not fire any guns.
bot_knives_only [0 / 1]

Bots will use knives only. Use "mp_restartgame 1" afterward.
bot_freeze [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots will not be able to move.
bot_loadout [Weapon Codes]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. You can define the loadout for bots, for example use the loadout "ak47".
Find all weapon codes of CS:GO in the buyscript guide.
bot_max_vision_distance_override [-1 / 1]

Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Defines the range of sight, Bots use to have.
bot_mimic [0 / 1]
Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots mimic your actions.
bot_stop [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bot will stop their current action.
bot_placeCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Spawns a Bot where your player is.
bot_allow_grenades [0 / 1]Allows Bots to use grenades.
Allows Bots to use machine guns.
bot_allow_pistols [0 / 1]Allow Bots to use pistols.
bot_allow_rifles [0 / 1Allow Bots to use rifles.
bot_allow_rogues [0 / 1]Allow Bots to go rogue and disregard radio commands.
bot_allow_shotguns [0 / 1]Allow Bots to use shotguns.
bot_allow_snipers [0 / 1]Allow Bots to use sniper weapons.
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns [0 / 1Allow Bots to use sub machine guns.
bot_coop_force_throw_grenade_chance [0 - 1]Bots will use grenades in coop missions.
bot_coop_idle_max_vision_distance [Distance]Defines the distance of the vision of Bots.
bot_snipers_onlyBots will use sniper weapons only.
bot_ignore_players [0 / 1] [0 / 1]Bots will totally ignore human players.
bot_crouch [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. All Bots will crouch.
bot_randombuy [0 / 1Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots will buy random weapons.
bot_zombie [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots behave like zombies.
bot_all_weaponsAllows Bots to use all weapons.
bot_chatter [Value]Enter a value: "off, radio, minimal, normal"
bot_show_battlefront [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Highlights the areas of the map where Bots rush.
bot_traceviewCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Enables trace view debug features.
ai_disableCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots will only perform idle actions.
mp_coopmission_bot_difficulty_offset [Offset]Offset for the Bot difficulty in co-op missions.
bot_autodifficulty_threshold_highSets the difficulty rating of bots to high.
bot_autodifficulty_threshold_lowSets the difficulty rating of bots to low.
bot_debug [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Debug Bots.
bot_debug_targetCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Debug Bot issues for testing purposes.
bot_defer_to_human_goals [Value]Prevents Bots from doing scenario tasks.
bot_defer_to_human_items [Value]

Prevents Bots from taking scenario items.
bot_join_after_player [0 / 1Bots will only join if more human players join.
bot_pistols_only [0 / 1]Bots will use pistols only.
bot_show_nav [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Show the navigation mesh of the Bots.
bot_show_occupy_time [0 / 1]Command for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Shows a display counter for the time when players can reach an area.
custom_bot_difficulty [Difficulty]Define the difficulty of custom Bots.
mp_humanteam [Any / CT / T]Restrict human players to specific teams.
player_botdifflast_s [Difficulty]Set the difficulty of Bots when they are the last man standing.
sv_auto_adjust_bot_difficultySets the Bot difficulty automatically.
sv_bot_buy_decoy_weight [Weight]Set the chance for a Bot of buying a decoy grenade. For example 50 for 50%.
sv_bot_buy_flash_weight [Weight]Set the chance for a Bot of buying a flash grenade.
sv_bot_buy_grenade_chance [0 - 100]Set the chance for a Bot of buying a grenade.
sv_bot_buy_hegrenade_weight [Weight]Set the chance for a Bot of buying a HE grenade.
sv_bot_buy_molotov_weight [Weight]Set the chance for a Bot of buying a Molotow grenade.
sv_bot_buy_smoke_weight [Weight]Set the chance for a Bot of buying a smoke grenade.
sv_bots_force_rebuy_every_roundForces Bots to rebuy each round.
sv_bots_get_easier_each_winBots will get easier if they win the round.
sv_bots_get_harder_after_each_waveBots get harder after each wave.
sv_buy_status_overrideOverride the buy status.
bot_goto_markCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots will move to the targeted area.
bot_goto_selectedCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Bots will the currently selected target area.
bot_mimic_yaw_offsetCommand for the "sv_cheats 1" mode. Defines the offset of the Bot mimic.

What are CS:GO Bot Commands for?

CS:GO BotsCS:GO Bot commands allow to control non-human players in Counterstrike. Bots are ai-controlled characters that behave just like humans and that can have custom characteristics and difficulties. Bots can be added to reach more players onto a server and for testing purposes. The CS:GO Bot commands allow to manipulate the Bots and their behaviour.

Questions and Answers about CS:GO Bots and Bot Commands:

Bots are perfect to get better in CS:GO matchmaking and to increase your rank. With these questions and answers you will be able to get control over the Bot usage. 🙂

  • How to add Bots in CS:GO?

    To add Bots in CS:GO use the “bot_add” command and add optional attributes to it:
    add_bot t
    add_bot ct
    add_bot t hard

  • How to Kick Bots in CS:GO?

    To kick Bots from a server in CS:GO use the “bot_kick” command for the terrorist or counter-terrorist side or choose a specific name or difficulty:
    bot_kick t
    bot_kick ct
    bot_kick easy
    bot_kick George

  • How to make Bots harder with Commands?

    To change the difficulty of Bots use the “bot_difficulty” command:
    bot_difficulty 0 = Easy
    bot_difficulty 1 = Normal
    bot_difficulty 2 = Hard
    bot_difficulty 3 = Expert

  • How do you make bots not shoot in CS:GO?

    To make all Bots in CS:GO stop shooting, use the “bot_dont_shoot” command:

  • How to practice with Bots in CS:GO?

    CSGO Practice with BotsTo practice with Bots in CS:GO click on the play button in the upper left corner and in the dropdown menu select “Practice with Bots”. Now choose a map and hit “Play”.

    That’s it! 🙂
    You can now control the Bots with console commands.

  • How to control a Bot in CS:GO?

    In ranked matchmaking, when a player has disconnected, he is replaced by a Bot. To control that Bot, view him actively and then click the button to “take him over”. You now control the Bot and can use his weapons. All points that you make will be earned as the Bot player, also the weapons obtained will be in the inventory of the Bot in the next round.

  • How to Command Bots in Ranked Matchmaking?

    To prevent that Bots in CS:GO matchmaking just rush the middle and die, use radio commands. Radio commands are predefined in-game commands that Bots can understand. If you use the radio command “Hold this position” the Bot will stay where you are. It may not work for the first time. Use it 2-3 times to make sure he is following your advice.