CS:GO Viewmodel Commands Best Viewmodel & Fov Pro Settings

All CS:GO Viewmodel Commands:

Launch Command:Description:
cl_righthand [0 / 1]With this CS:GO viewmodel command you can choose the side of the weapon you are holding. 0=weapon in the left hand and 1=weapon in the right hand.
viewmodel_fov [FOV]Set the client's FOV to a maximum of 68 while 60 is the default value. Zoom in and out for a better view.
viewmodel_offset_x [X Offset]X Offset describes the distance to the borders to the left and right in the first person mode. The maximum value is a distance of 2.5 and the minimum is -2.5.
viewmodel_offset_y [Y Offset]Y Offset describes the distance how far away the weapon is from your character. The maximum value is 2 and the minimum value is -2."
viewmodel_offset_z [Z Offset]Z Offset describes the distance to the top and bottom of your viewmodels hand and weapon in the first person mode. The maximum value is 2 and the minimum value is -2."
viewmodel_presetpos [1 / 2 / 3]You can use presets for the CS:GO viewmodel, 1 for Desktop, 2 for Couch, 3 for Classic.
cl_bobamt_lat [Value]Adjust how much the viewmodel and gun will move to the side when running.
cl_bobup [Value]Adjust how much your viewmodel and weapon moves/bobs up when running.
cl_bob_lower_amt [Value]Adjust how much your viewmodel and gun barrel moves back towards you when you are running.
cl_bobamt_vert [Value]Adjust how much your viewmodel and gun barrel moves up and down when moving forward.
cl_brushfastpathCS:GO brushfastpath command.
cl_camera_follow_bone_index [-2 / -1 / 0]The camera follow viewmodel command in CS:GO adjusts how the camera is following the index of the bone.
cl_use_new_headbob [0 / 1]Adjust if your head moves up and down when you are running. Can't be adjusted for ranked matchmaking. Only for the SV cheat modes.
cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt [Viewmodel Shift]Setup how much your viewmodel moves to the left when shooting accuracy increases.
cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt [Viewmodel Shift]Setup how much your viewmodel moves to the right when shooting accuracy increases.
default_fovSet your Field of View, also called VOW to the specified number, you can set it to any value but requires sv_cheats to be enabled.
fov_cs_debug [FOV]The fov debug command will will set your FOV to the specified value, provided sv_cheats is set to 1. It has no limitation.
viewmodel_recoil [Recoil]With this CS:GO viewmodel command you can define how much recoil is shown when being shot.
cl_bob_versionCS:GO bob version command.

Adjust how much your viewmodel bobs when you run.

What are the Best CS:GO
Viewmodel Settings?

Best CS GO Viewmodel Settings
The best CS:GO viewmodel settings are those, which allow to see as much as possible on the screen. While that is important, players also want to have a cool looking first person character model. Optimized Viewmodel Screenshot CounterstrikeThe character model is also important for the game, because it gives visual feedback, which is important to play CS:GO on a high level. The model gives you information about beeing hit, about how big the spray is, about running and precise aiming.
To get the best CS:GO viewmodel settings you should customize your own or download pro viewmodels from our CS:GO pro player section.

If you want to play with the most standard “best viewmodel CS:GO settings” you can use the following. To use these viewmodel settings simply add the commands to your CS:GO developer console.
viewmodel_offset_x 2.5; viewmodel_offset_y -2; viewmodel_offset_z -2; viewmodel_fov 54

What are CS:GO Viewmodels?

CS:GO viewmodels are the character that you can see in-game. This viewmodel contains the hands, arms, and your gun or knife. The viewmodel has many aspects and nearly every pro player and advanced CS:GO player is adjusting the viewmodel to their personal needs.
The default CS:GO viewmodel is quite okay, but there are so many options, which could improve your game quality a lot. On the one hand, smaller viewmodels allow us to get a greater visibility of the map, but the viewmodel also shouldn’t be too small since the feedback it is giving is important to make fast decisions in a game.

What is changeable for the CS:GO Viewmodel?

The viewmodel in CS:GO can be changed in many different ways: You can change the size of the viewmodel as well as the weapon. In addition to that, you can define the zoom of the game so that these components fit well together. For the viewmodel you can use a right hand or left-hand model and it’s up to you to resize and reposition the gun completely. You can move it closer or far away from the sides.

For the impact of getting hit, running and spraying, the viewmodel commands also allow to determine the impact of the visual feedback for those factors.

How to change the CS:GO Viewmodel?

  • CSGO Viewmodel Console CommandsOpen the CS:GO developer console. Here you can find a simple console tutorial.
  • Now add all of the commands you would love to add. If you want to use our standard best viewmodel config, copy these commands and paste them into the console:
    viewmodel_offset_x 2.5; viewmodel_offset_y -2; viewmodel_offset_z -2; viewmodel_fov 54
  • Now adjust the commands, to your needs:
    Console Command:Description:
    viewmodel_offset_x 2.5Adjust how far the gun is to the left and right, use a value between -2.5 and 2.5.
    viewmodel_offset_y -2Adjust how close or far away the gun is from your character, use a value between -2 and 2.
    viewmodel_offset_z -2Adjust how far the gun is to top and bottom, use a value between -2 and 2.
    viewmodel_fov 54Change the field of view (FOV) of your viewmodel, use a value between 54 and 68.
  • Join a server and view your settings, always adjust the console settings again until you reached your perfect viewmodel settings. That’s it! 🙂

How to change the CS:GO Viewmodel from Righthand to Lefthand?

As you know, by default the CS:GO weapon is always on the right hand side, as most people are right-hand users. For left-hand users and all others who want to play like that, it’s possible to switch the weapon side with a simple command.
Use the following command to play CS:GO left-handed:
cl_righthand 0
Use the following command to play CS:GO right-handed:
cl_righthand 1
CS GO Left and Right Hand Fov

What is Field of View
(FOV) in CS:GO?

In CS:GO, FOV stands for Field of View and defines the position of your viewmodel and your camera zoom. These two factors can easily be changed through console commands. It’s a common thing to adjust those and it’s legal to use them. Only the camera FOV commands are only usable on servers with SV_Cheats 1.

You can find my CS:GO SV cheats guide with all cheat commands here.

How to change the Field of View (FOV) in CS:GO?

To change your field of view in CS:GO use the following command with a value between 54 and 68:
viewmodel_fov 68

How to use Camera FOV Commands in CS:GO? (SV_Cheats1)

If you are on a server where cheats are enabled you can also use the FOV camera console commands!
To use these, enter the following commands:

Console Command:Description:
sv_cheats 1Enable cheats.
fov_cs_debug 90Change the FOV (field of view) of the camera to any number.
fov_cs_debug 120Set the amount to 120 to see more.
fov_cs_debug 50Set the amount to 50 to see less.

How to download and use CS:GO Pro Player Viewmodels?

  • Open the CS:GO pro config overview.
  • Choose a pro player, for example s1mple.
  • Copy the code inside the viewmodel box:
    CSGO Viewmodel Settings of s1mple
  • Paste the commands into your CS:GO console and test the settings in-game. That’s it! 🙂

Top 3 CS:GO Progamer Viewmodels:

Here you can find the viewmodel settings of three top CS:GO pro players: Viewmodel settings from s1mple, Guardian, and gla1ve.

CS GO s1mple pro crosshair
CS GO Guardian Pro Crosshair
CS GO gla1ve Pro Crosshair

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